Perez Does About-Face On Wanting Sessions Out

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez think President Trump’s firing of Attorney General Jeff Sessions is “worse than Watergate.” The top Dem and former henchman for failed former president Barack Obama denounced the firing on MSNBC, adding the firing could violate the federal Vacancies Reform Act. The statement and Watergate comparison is an abrupt about-face for Perez, who has repeatedly called for Sessions to resign when saying that was politically convenient. 

—QUOTABLE: “Well, there’s a law and there’s a test that apply to what he just did. The law is the Vacancies Reform Act. You can argue that it’s ambiguous whether he could do what he just did. There’s a test that is very unambiguous. It’s called the smell test. This doesn’t pass the smell test.” -Perez now

—QUOTABLE: “No spin from Trump admin can hide the fact that Sessions lied under oath and committed perjury about Russian ties. Sessions must resign.” -Perez then (March 2, 2017)