History: November 8

The Louvre opens in Paris.
The historic French museum began as an archive and private gallery of royal art. After the French Revolution, it opened to a wider audience.
Today it displays artifacts from more than 11,000 years of human history.

Gunslinger Doc Holliday dies in Glenwood Springs, California, from tuberculosis.
The friend to Wyatt Earp was only 36 years old at the time of his death. He was NOT in his prime.
He famously fought in the 1881 shootout at the OK Corral.

Vladimir Lenin takes control of the brand-new All-Russian Congress of Soviets, one day after the Bolsheviks took over the Russian government.
Lenin called for an end to fighting in World War I.
His Bolshevik party held a 60 percent majority in the legislature. They approved a formal ceasefire between the Soviets and the Central Powers, effective December 2nd.

Adolf Hitler escapes an assassination attempt following a speech commemorating the anniversary of his Beer Hall Putsch.
Hitler famously gave speeches to commemorate his first attempted power grab — 1939 was no different.
The bomb went off 12 minutes after Der Fuhrer left the hall. 7 died and 63 were wounded.
Though the Nazis publicly denounced British intelligence for making the attempt, inner circles suggested it came from homegrown German anti-Nazi rebels.

The United Nations enforces its final an most powerful wrist-slap on Iraqi despot Saddam Hussein.
He had just days to give up his weapons programs, or face military actions. The Security Council voted unanimously to support the resolution. A week later, Iraq complied, but inspectors found no evidence of WMD.
Since then, however, al Qaeda has carried out at least 100 chemical attacks on coalition forces in Iraq, using repurposed chemical warheads from what was once Saddam Hussein’s arsenal. That’s according to Chuck Pfarrer, in his book SEAL TARGET GERONIMO.