Rams Dream Team Defense Can’t Get Off the Field

The Los Angeles Rams went all in this off season on their defense, signing high priced free agents and making defensive tackle Aaron Donald the league’s highest priced defensive player and their defense may be what keeps them from reaching the Super Bowl.

The New Orleans Saints put 35 points on this defense in the first half of Sunday’s game and Drew Brees had plenty of time to throw for 361 yards and 4 touchdowns and registered no sacks. When the Rams tied the game at 35 in the fourth quarter the defense gave up 10 unanswered points to give the Saints the win.

This defense not only fell flat against the Saints, which many teams do, but gave up 27 points to the Packers at home and needed a special teams gaffe by the Packers to bail them out. The Rams defense has also given up an average of 27 points to four potential NFC playoff teams in the last 6 weeks. The Rams defense has only created 3 takeaways in the last 4 games.

The Rams free agent signings of Ndamukong Suh, Agib Talib, Marcus Peters have a combined 12 Pro Bowls among them and last week traded for linebacker Dante Fowler, Jr and along with Aaron Donald were thought to be a defensive “Dream Team”.

That concept never works in the NFL. The Rams defense has become their Achilles’ Heel and Sunday was the first time it cost them a game. When a team has the talent that Rams have and your offense scores 35 points you should win the game.

The Rams were 8-0 going into Sunday’s game with the Saints so winning covers up a lot of stink. Now that they have been knocked off their upcoming opponents will look to the Saints game as to how to beat them.

The Rams defense is not giving their offense with much margin for error requiring them to score on every possession and if things don’t improve the Rams defense will provide the league with the latest nightmarish finish for the latest inception of the “Dream Team”.