In the Brady-Rodgers Matchup, Belichick is the Real GOAT

The game was supposed to be a matchup of the two best quarterbacks, but it turned out to be about the singular best coach in the game.

The matchup was a bit boring with the Patriots winning 31-17 at Foxborough Sunday night although it did feature a total dismantling of Packers’ head coach Mike McCarthy.

It’s unfair to expect McCarthy to outmatch Bill Belichick as other than Tom Coughlin in two Super Bowls and Doug Pedersen in last year’s Super Bowl no other coaches have flat out outcoached Belichick.

The problem for Aaron Rodger that he was working in a bland conservative offense of McCarthy’s design Tom Brady was without tight end Rob Gronkowski and leading rusher Sony Michel was running and offense that was in overdrive from the opening kick taking their first possession right down the field for a quick touchdown.

During the game the Patriots ran a flea flicker for a big gain and wide receiver screen pass that broke the game open early in the fourth quarter after the Packers fumbled while driving for a go ahead score.

Patriots running back James White left the game with a back injury and the Pats running game didn’t miss a beat with wide receiver Cordarelle Patterson filling in with a solid performance. Meanwhile, as the Packers’ injuries mounted their chances of winning the game deteriorated.

The Packers have become a team that relies too much on Aaron Rodgers to pull out miracle wins while Bill Belichick and his offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels scheme their receivers open.

No matter how good Brady and Rodgers may be if Belichick is involved he will always overshadow any matchup between the two future Hall of Famers.