History: November 5

President Abraham Lincoln removed one of his top generals from command.
George McClellan was commanding the Army of the Potomac. Though he was an adept and capable leader, he was often paranoid and unaggressive in the field. As experienced as he was, he was no match for Robert E. Lee.
Two years later, McClellan challenged Lincoln for the presidency. He won the Democratic nomination, but lost handily in the general.

George W. Bush marries Laura Welch in Texas.
He would of course spend time as an oil man and GM of the Texas Rangers before becoming president in 2000.

George Foreman becomes the oldest heavyweight champ on record.
At 45 years old, Foreman squared off with Michael Moorer in Las Vegas. His opponent was only 26.
12,000 came out for the fight, where Foreman knocked out Moorer in the 10th round.
Foreman’s return to fighting was to pay his bills, having squandered the millions he earned earlier in his career.
He retired in 1997. Since then he’s made money shilling his electoral grill and pitching other products on TV.

The Writers Guild of America begins its strike, stalling TV shows mid-season.
By some estimates, the organized labor strike cost $3 billion in lost advertising sales and other economic opportunities in Los Angeles.
At play was the stake writers would get from DVD sales and streaming opportunities, which allowed for increased exposure of their shows after their initial run.
An agreement was struck February the following year.

Major Nidal Hasan opens fire on other soldiers and civilians at Fort Hood in Texas.
13 were killed and 32 wounded.
Hasan himself was an Army psychiatrist. He was reportedly upset over being deployed to Afghanistan later that month, and feared having to kill other Muslims.