History: November 13


George Washington finishes his first tour of the new American states as president.

He visited New England, where he was greeted enthusiastically.

Washington wouldn’t visit the southern states for another 2 years.



Pudge Huffelfinger signs a deal to play football for the Allegheny Athletic Association for $500, making him the first pro football player.

It had previously been common for athletes to trade their playing time for services or swag. This was before organized teams and leagues, when athletic associations were formed and played informal match ups and seasons.

Pudge was later an insurance executive and Congressman for Minnesota.



The Voyager I spacecraft reaches Saturn.

The photographs sent back to Earth baffled scientists.

What was thought to be six rings were actually hundreds, composed of rocks and space debris.

Pioneer 11 had been the first spacecraft to rendezvous with Saturn, but it did not have the photographic capabilities of the Voyager probes.

Voyager I is presently the most distant man-made object in space, nearly 19 billion kilometers away from Earth.



The Vietnam War Memorial is dedicated.

The walls featured 57,939 names of those who died. They were commemorated chronologically, not in order of rank.

It is commonplace to make a sketching over the name of family members and loved ones who lost their lives.