History: October 26

New York Governor DeWitt Clinton leads the ceremony to open the Erie Canal.

The project linked the Great Lakes with the Atlantic Ocean, by way of the Hudson River. Once open, commerce and settlers moved into Western New York and the Midwest, including Wisconin.

Shipping costs were reduced 90 percent, and traveled twice as fast. Barges carrying agricultural products flooded Eastward, while manufactured goods produced on the coast poured into new territories.

A bloody shootout at the OK Corral in Tombstone, Arizona leaves 3 dead and 3 wounded.

The fight culminated weeks of tension between Wyatt Earp and the Clanton-McLaury gang. It took only 30 seconds, and an estimated 30 rounds were fired.

Virgil Earp shot Billy Clanton at point-blank, right in the chest. Doc Holliday shot dead Tom McLaury, and Wyatt Earp put a round through Frank McLaury’s stomach.

Wyatt’s brothers Virgial and Morgan were wounded, as was Doc Holliday.

Ike Clanton and Billy Claiborne ran away … like a couple of curs.

The First World War escalates with Brazil’s entry into the conflict.

Brazilian merchants had been susceptible to Germany’s unrestricted submarine warfare; at least four commercial barges had been sunk by U-Boats that year.

There were a few Brazilian troops involved in the war – which is to say, about 50. Troops were limited to a medical team and pilots.

Muhammad Reza Pahlavi declares himself Shah of Iran.

Coincidentally, it was his 48th birthday.

Though the Shah led many efforts to modernize the Islamic republic, he was eventually chased out of the country by revolutionaries backed by the US and UK. The Shah took asylum in Egypt.

George W Bush signs the PATRIOT Act into law.

Within 3 years of its passage, it helped the federal government file charges against 310 people for suspected terrorist activity, of which 179 were convicted or plead guilty.