History: October 25


King George II dies, with little fanfare, atop the Royal Throne.

Minutes after entering his enclosed toilet area, his personal valet heard a loud crash. (Perhaps he had been drinking too much apple juice). The valet found the monarch keeled over on the floor. George was taken to his bed, but died moments later. It was determined he died of an aortic aneurysm.

George II was succeeded by George III, his grandson.### 


The First Continental Congress petitions King George III with complaints about the colonies’ treatment.

While many were still willing to pledge loyalty to the Crown, it was difficult to stomach such allegiance with unfair treatment under the Intolerable Acts. These rules, issued by the King, included ridiculous taxes and the Quartering Act, which permitted British troops to reside in any house, by force.

George brushed off the petition. Eight months later, the Second Congress would adopt the Declaration of the Causes and Necessity of Taking Up Arms – an outline of the reasons for war.### 


One of the first major naval docks to service London opens.

Construction on St Katharine Docks had begun more than a year before, with more than a thousand houses demolished to accommodate the project. 11,300 people lost their homes.

The docks failed commercially, and were combined with the nearby London Docks in 1864.### 


Nazi Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler starts pursuing the Edelweiss Pirates, a youth group of renegades to counteract the growing influence of the Hitler Youth.

By November, 13 leaders were captured and executed; six were teenagers.

Later the remnants of the group in East Berlin would play a role in fighting against communist oppression by the Soviets – but also caused trouble for Allied rebuilding efforts throughout Germany.### 


By order of President Reagan, US Marines invade Grenada to overthrow the small island’s Marxist regime. The Operation’s codename was Urgent Fury.

Almost 2,000 troops stormed the island, and within a week had taken over control. Free elections were held in December of the following year.### 


The first lung transplant from one live donor to another is successfully performed.

A mother donated to her 12-year-old daughter.

The chief surgeon was also the first to transplant a heart and lung into an infant.###