History: October 18, 2018

European royalty Ferdinand and Isabella marry.

The union joined Aragon, under Ferdinand, and Valladolid, under Isabella, making Spain a dominant world power.

Under their control, Isabella and Ferdinand commissioned Christopher Columbus to explore the year world and oversaw the conquest of the Moors.


Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon finalize their geographical survey in the eastern part of the country.

They were hired to resolve a border dispute between Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Both colonies had laid claim to the area between the 39th and 40th parallel. The compromise was drawing a line just north of the 39-degree line — today known as the Mason-Dixon line.


After purchasing the Alaskan territory for $7.2 million, the U.S. assumes control of the land from Russia.

The whole shebang cost less than two cents an acre. At 586,412 square miles, it’s twice the size of Texas.

Secretary of State William Henry Seward negotiated the transfer. Russia was eager to sell it to the U.S., rather than allow it to fall into the hands of powerhouse Great Britain.

Today, one-quarter of America’s oil and half its seafood comes from Alaskan resources.


The U.S. takes over Puerto Rico, assuming authority over the small country one year after Spain relinquished its control.

America had taken the island in the Spanish-American War, and with the signing of the Treaty of Paris, it officially became an American territory.

Since then, movements for Puerto Rican statehood have persisted, though polls routinely indicate that a majority of its citizens support the island’s status as a Commonwealth of the US.


In game six of the World Series between the LA Angels and New York Yankees, Reggie Jackson nails 3 home runs in three at bats of off three different pitchers.

The only hitter to come close to the feat was Babe Ruth — who did it twice. However, Ruth didn’t do it consecutively.

Jackson’s stunt helped propel the Yanks to their first World Series win in 15 years.


Roseanne debuts on ABC. It starred Roseanne Barr and John Goodman.

The show aired for 9 years before a reboot in 2017, that was cancelled after 1 season when Roseanne made racist tweets critical of Obama admin alum Valerie Jarrett.