Pennsylvania Could Swing Entire House Picture

Pennsylvania could be the deciding state for determining control of the House of Representatives in the election less than a month from now. A court earlier this year ordered the re-drawing of the state’s congressional maps, moving most of them from overwhelmingly Republican to competitive and favoring Democrats. The state was one of the most gerrymandered in the country. But if things go the Dems’ way, Pennsylvania could account for more than one quarter of the 23 seats that they need to seize control of the House in the November 6th elections. The populous Pennsylvania districts add to many other suburban House seats around the country that might flip from Republican to Democrat—prognosticators say this is the result of President Trump losing educated, suburban women voters. 

—QUOTABLE: “They’re all suburban seats, they’re all places where we’re having trouble with women, and they’re all places where Republican voters — not necessarily Trump voters but Republican voters — want to send a message to the administration.” -Mike McKenna, GOP wonk