Ronaldo Says Docs Related to Sexual Assault Are Fake

Ronaldo’s lawyers say that documents in which the superstar footballer
reportedly admits to raping an American woman are “pure inventions” and
labelled the ongoing case against the Juventus forward as, “an intentional
defamation campaign based on stolen and easily manipulated digital documents.”

Christiansen said that the documents were stolen as part of a 2015 hack and then
altered as he continued to stress the player’s innocence in a sexual assault
that allegedly took place in a Las Vegas hotel room in 2009.

documents detail an alleged verbal exchange that took place between Ronaldo and
the victim Kathryn Mayorga during the incident in which Ronaldo appears to say
that the victim asked him to stop the assault several times. These are the documents
that Christiansen says were hacked and altered the sold to German magazine Der Spiegel,
and then published which resulted in the claim against Ronaldo coming to light.

Ronaldo and
his attorney continue to assert that the encounter was completely consensual even
though Ronaldo reached an out of court settlement with Mayorga in 2010.

said that the settlement is not an admission of wrong doing and that his client
was merely following the advice of his attorneys at the time.