Jason Garrett Still Has a Job, Why?

It’s time
for the Dallas Cowboys to make a coaching change. The head coach of one the NFL’s
marquee franchises doesn’t check any of the boxes you’d like the field boss of
your team to check.

Do Garrett
or his staff create innovative offensive or defensive schemes? No.

Is Garrett
bold like many of the younger new coaches in the league like Sean McVay? No.

Have his
assistants gone on to be sought after minds for other teams? No.

Is Garrett a
motivator or an intimidator in the mode of a Bill Belichick? Hell, to the no.

Look at the
passion in which the Houston Texans played on Sunday night compared to the
plodding, uninspired football the Cowboys played.

Dak Prescott
has actually regressed from his stellar rookie year of 2016 and a team with a
great offensive line and one of the best running backs in the game chose to punt
on 4th and 1 from the Houston 42 yard line on the first possession of


Garrett is
the first coach that many other coaches around the league will rip openly as it
is no secret he does the bidding of owner Jerry Jones.

The Cowboys
are 2-3 this season and Garrett is 69-56 with 2 playoff appearances under
Jones. That’s it.

Barring a significant
turnaround Jason Garrett should be the first head coach fired this off season,
if not before.