More Wheels Fall Off Ford’s Story

Christine Blasey Ford’s assertion that she had a second front door installed on her house because she was haunted by an early 80s attempted rape is being questioned. Real Clear Investigations discovered that the door appears to actually have been an access to a spare room and office that the Fords rented out, not as an emergency exit. Ford testified before the Senate that installing the door triggered an argument with her husband and supposedly led to a couple’s therapy session where she first talked about the sexual assault she pinned on a young Brett Kavanaugh. The wheels have also come off her assertion that that same claustrophobia made her terrified of planes, but it was discovered that she was actually a frequent flyer.

—QUOTABLE: “The door was not an escape route but an entrance route…It appears the real plan for the second front door was to rent out a separate room.” -Attorney familiar with the ongoing congressional investigation (RCI)