Heitkamp Was A Yes Before She Was A No

Sen. Heidi Heitkamp claims she was a yes on the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh at first. But she says his body language when he was giving impassioned testimony after being accused of attempted rape back in the 80s changed her mind. The North Dakota Democrat said she “saw rage” in Kavanaugh’s demeanor while he was speaking to the Senate Judiciary Committee, calling the confirmation “a circus” and “a national disgrace.” Heitkamp, who announced her opposition after a supplemental FBI report on Kavanaugh was given to senators, is down by about 12 points in her re-election battle.

—QUOTABLE: “We communicate not only with words, but we communicate with body language, we communicate with demeanor,” Heitkamp continued. “I saw somebody who was very angry, very nervous and I saw rage.” -Heitkamp