Officiating Continues to Frustrate Fans and Players

Sad is the state of Roger Goodell’s NFL. There have been countless controversial penalties in the NFL this season, many affecting the outcomes of games. Most have been of the unnecessary roughness variety or roughing the passer.

Fans don’t gather at their local watering holes or attend games to see officials throw flags. In the feigned interest of safety game is close to being rendered unwatchable.

The NFL pays lip service to player safety. It only really cares about the safety of offensive players, primarily quarterbacks.

Miami Dolphins’ defensive tackle William Hayes was lost for the season after suffering a knee injury trying to not land with his full weight on Oakland Raiders’ quarterback Derek Carr so as to not receive a rough the passer penalty.

This is a league that schedules Thursday night games giving players three days to recover from the Sunday game and puts the travelling team at a disadvantage.

This is a league that still allows below the knee cut blocks on defensive linemen by offensive linemen. Something high school football and the NCAA have outlawed.

Forget the flag kneelers and the politicization of the NFL. The incompetent, biased and inconsistent officiating is leading to the dramatic decrease in ratings in recent years.

No ratings, no ad revenue, no profits for The Shield.

Roger Goodell please pick up the white courtesy phone.