Will Kavanaugh Saga Reunite the Right?

Bret Kavanaugh is not only a Supreme Court nominee but now he’s a certified conservative cause and may have the same affect in uniting the right against Democrats much like Hillary Clinton was in 2016 which propelled Donald Trump to the White House.

While the
outcome is yet to be decided the Democrats and the media may have made a gross
miscalculation by attacking the nominee over unfounded accusations and dragging
his family through a horrible and unnecessary ordeal all to protect abortion

Liberals and
the media have cast a well-qualified, amiable and by all accounts a mildly
conservative judge as a booze guzzling, girl groping frat boy and sexual

It’s likely that whatever issues divide the right , they will be set aside to rise up and turn out in droves at the midterms and will likely take a large number of independents with them. They empathize with Kavanaugh and strike back against the unfounded accusations by putting themselves in his position to have to defend against an indecent that allegedly happened 36 years ago despite no evidence and denials by witnesses named in the accusations.

The right is
set to deliver a stunning defeat to the left and their complicit media partners
much like they did in 2016.