White House Finds No Corroboration in FBI Report

within the White House reports that there is no corroborating evidence against Supreme
Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh in the supplemental FBI report that was submitted
for review on Thursday.

Senators on
the Judiciary Committee will review the report first followed by the rank and
file of the Senate. The fate of the Kavanaugh nomination rests with the 100

As expected
the Democrats who agreed to the supplemental investigation last week as well as
the time frame have complained that the FBI hasn’t interviewed enough
witnesses. Most likely because the FBI hasn’t dug up any evidence against the
nominee deemed credible to scuttle the appointment.

In the
absence of any corroborating evidence the Senate will still be left with
nothing but accusations and denials that will still force wavering Republicans
like Jeff Flake R-AZ, Susan Collins R-ME and Lisa Murkowski R-AK to choose
whether to vote with their party and red state Democrats like Joe Manchin D-WV
and Heidi Heitkamp D-ND to go against their constituents and face the consequences
in the mid terms.