History: October 1


The first Ford Model T rolls out of the car factory in Detroit.

Over the next 19 years, Ford Motor Company would produce 15 million making it the second longest run of the same model after the Volkswagen Beetle.

The Model T made automobiles accessible to the masses. During much of its production, it was the only model car that Ford produced, making workers and engineers very efficient at producing them.

Toward the end of its run, Ford began developing more varied models, focusing on style and design, not just functionality.


Rebel leader Mao Zedong declares China a communist state, and makes himself the head of the country.

Initially the U.S. government did not recognize the Communist State. Meanwhile, the U.S. supported the remnants of the Free Republic of China on the island of Taiwan.

It wasn’t until 1979 that China was officially recognized as a legitimate nation by the State Department.


Roger Maris breaks Babe Ruth’s single-season home run record — depending on who you ask.

Maris had been neck-and-neck with teammate Mickey Mantle in the 1961 season, but Mantle suffered a hip injury a few weeks earlier after hitting 54 home runs.

On the last game of the regular season, Maris hit his 61st on is second at-bat of the day.

But the commissioner of baseball would not certify the record. In order to beat Babe Ruth’s record officially, Maris would have had to hit more than 60 in fewer than the 154 games Ruth played.

The commissioner, Ford Frick, had been a friend of Ruth’s, and had personal interest in protecting the record.

In 1991, an MLB committee voted to give the record fully to Maris. That record was broken again in ’98 by both Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire. Today Barry Bonds holds the record, with 73.


Johnny Carson hosts The Tonight Show for the first time as the regular host.

Despite being one of the biggest names in American entertainment, Carson largely stayed out of the public eye. His run as host would last almost 30 years. His last show aired on May 22, 1992.


Astronomers announce the discovery of the furthest known galaxy eve discovered.

It’s estimated to be 15 trillion lightyears away, a remnant of the birth of the universe.

The only way to detect its existence was through high-powered telescopes measuring changes in very dim visible light.###