9/30 Sunday News Roundup

ABC- The Week with George Stephanopolous

SEN LINDSEY GRAHAM  told George Stephanopolous that the media is trying to portray Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh as “stumbling, bumbling drunk gang rapist who during high school and college was Bill Cosby and that if true six prior FBI background checks over the years would have uncovered this.” This was in response to Stephanopolous’ question regarding the relevance of questioning that won’t take place by the FBI surrounding Kavanaugh’s drinking in high school and college.

GRAHAM is also calling for a supplemental investigation to find out who leaked the confidential letter that detailed the original accusation against Kavanaugh that was given to SEN DIANE FEINSTEIN  in July. GRAHAM has said that both Ford and Kavanaugh have been wronged in this process and suspects the letter was leaked by FEINSTEIN. GRAHAM said that he “has sympathy for Ford but he accusations do not hold up.”

The media, including ABC THIS WEEK, has been reporting that President Trump has limited the scope of the investigation to include only the accusations made by Christine Blasey Ford but Trump has tweeted that “the FBI should interview whomever they deem necessary to complete their investigation.”

SEN MAZIE HIRONO  told George Stephanopoulos that Brett Kavanaugh’s accusation of a Democratic conspiracy proves he can’t be non-partisan as a Supreme Court Justice. HIRONO called Kavanaugh’s claims “bizarre”.

NBC- Meet the Press was pre-empted by the Ryder Cup.

CBS- Face the Nation

SEN AMY KLOBUCHAR D-MN says that reports of Kavanaugh’s excessive drinking is relevant in the supplemental FBI probe as he may have had episodes of blackouts and memory loss and therefore may not remember his alleged assault of Christine Blasey Ford.

SEN TOM COTTON R-AR said that Christine Balsey Ford has been victimized by the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee and that they have “turned advise and consent into search and destroy” and “Democrats have disgraced this process and the United State Senate in their orchestrated smear campaign of character assassination against Judge Kavanaugh.”

FOX News Sunday

In an interview with Chris Wallace WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY SARAH SANDERS discussed the ongoing fight over Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and how the White House is not micro managing the process of the supplemental FBI investigation into Brett Cavanaugh that was opened over the weekend and has been given a deadline of the end of the coming week to complete. Sanders did say the investigation will not be allowed to become an “endless fishing expedition” as is what the Democrats want. Sanders went on to say that the Democrats have been “disgraceful in the handling of both Ford and Kavanaugh.”

SANDERS also discussed the job security of Deputy Attorney General ROD ROSENSTEIN. She had nothing new to add as she thought that the meeting with President Trump to discuss media reports that ROSENSTEIN has discussed wearing a wire to entrap the President into a 25th Amendment removal situation would be postponed another week given the ongoing mess with the Kavanaugh nomination.