History: September 27, 2018


John Jay is appointed by the Continental Congress to be the minister to Spain.

His mission was to rally the Spanish behind the cause of the American Revolution, and to get Spain to acknowledge his new country’s independence.

Though Spain never offered wholesale military support, the country did give America loans and occasional war provisions.

The Spanish government did not want to encourage revolution among its holdings in the Americas.


Wild Bill Hickok shoots his second ruffian since starting as Sheriff in Hays City, Kansas, five weeks earlier.

His lack of restraint was certainly effective, but troubled the city’s government.

The good people of Hays City stripped Hickok of his deputization, and he moved West, where he did serve again as a successful law enforcer.


Captain Mel Apt pilots the Bell X-2 rocket plane, making him the first many to exceed Mach 3. The plane eventually reached 2,094 miles per hour.

When Apt attempted a banking turn, the jet spiraled out of control.

Apt fired his ejection chair, but never made it out.

The Air Force retired the X-2. It was replaced by the X-15 three years later.


Nikita Khrushchev ends his two week trip to the United States, which was riddled with confusion and embarrassment.

Among the blunders were his verbal sparring match with a Twentieth Century Fox executive while visiting Hollywood. He was also denied access to Disneyland due to concerns over his safety.

Vice President Nixon took the premier to the airport, where a military band played America’s and the Soviet Union’s anthems.


The defense in the O.J. Simpson murder trial makes its closing arguments.

Lead defense attorney Johnnie Cochran poked holes in the prosecution’s case, and pleaded that the jury would treat Simpson with dignity.

On October 3rd, the jury found Simpson not guilty or murdering Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman.


NASA loses communication with the Mars Pathfinder probe.

The mission was only expected to last between a week and a month, but lasted 3 months.

Pathfinder sent more than 16,500 pictures back to Earth and made millions of measurements of the Red Planet’s atmosphere.

Pathfinder’s on-board computer included only 512 kilobytes of RAM and 176 Kilobytes of flash memory storage — that’s less than a typical music file on your phone.