Today’s Martini

Today is Monday, October 22, 2018
It is the 295th day of the year
70 days remain


MC Wiz Khalifa and model Winnie Harlow are officially dating. They were spotted together, holding hands, leaving the Staples Center in LA after the Lakers game Saturday night. Rumors have swirled for weeks about the pair, but this is the clearest sign yet they’re an item. Friends say Wiz’s ex Amber Rose even blessed the relationship, calling Harlow an “[effing] sweetheart.”


Camille Grammer is single no more! The 50-year-old exchanged “I Do’s” with attorney David C. Meyer in Hawaii on Saturday. The “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star was previously married to “Frasier” alum Kelsey Grammer and shares two children, 16-year-old Mason and 14-year-old Jude with him. Meyer also has two children from his previous marriage.


Model Karlie Kloss is married. The 26-year-old married 33-year-old businessman Joshua Kushner, last Thursday in upstate New York. Joshua is the brother of Jared Kushner, President Trump’s senior advisor and son-in-law.



Beto O’Rourke is getting sued. The Texas Democrat senate candidate challenging Sen. Ted Cruz allegedly sent constituents text messages without getting their consent, according to a lawsuit filed in a Northern District of Texas court. The class action lawsuit alleges that plaintiff Sameer Syeed received numerous unsolicited text messages from the Beto for Texas campaign despite multiple attempts to stop them. Sending unsolicited texts is a violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. O’Rourke’s campaign—“Beto’s” real name is Robert, by the way—blamed a volunteer for the mix-up.

—QUOTABLE: “I know, I know — I’ve gotten three of them myself. My dad has gotten five…By the third one I was thinking, ‘maybe I should vote for him.’” -Sen. Ted Cruz


The Washington Post has disgraced itself again. The liberal rag reported that the Georgetown Preparatory School—where Justice Brett Kavanaugh went to high school—was hiring a new employee to deal with PR fallout after the confirmation circus. But the school is directly contradicting the report. In fact, the job was posted in July, well before the meltdown, a fact that Post reporter Emily Heil was informed of prior to publication. The school demanded a correction, which was added, but the corrected story still carried the suggestion the job was posted in response to the confirmation imbroglio. Still, Heil insisted she just overlooked the, you know, minor matter of the date of the posting.

—QUOTABLE: “This was a completely unintentional error-I read right over the date in haste. Story was corrected and correction is noted. Have a great weekend, all! … I don’t mean to sound blasé about a correction. Believe me, I hate them\have kicked myself plenty over it.” -Heil tweets


Another day, another Republican confronted in a restaurant by unhinged liberal activists. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was shouted down at a Louisville restaurant Friday night by a protester yelling “why don’t you get out of here? Why don’t you leave the entire country,” and stating that McConnell’s views are killing people. Supporters and diners just trying to eat their food stepped in and escorted the man out. It’s not the first time something like that has happened to McConnell—earlier in the summer a throng of black-clad socialists followed him out of a restaurant shouting and saying “we know where you live.” 


The FBI is acknowledging that it used multiple informants to obtain information against Carter Page, a former adviser to President Trump’s campaign. That’s according to court filings revealed on Friday shedding more light on how the FBI obtained enough info to apply for a FISA warrant to spy on Page. The documents reveal that the FBI used paid human sources in addition to former British spy Christopher Steele, who wrote the infamous Trump dossier of discredited propaganda. The court filings were the first time the government revealed that it had human sources, paid or otherwise, beyond Steele, but the bureau insists any more information on who was tipping them off would risk their security.


Hours after being turned around and seemingly disbanding, a caravan of thousands from Honduras is apparently back on the march. Despite efforts by Mexico to stop the band of would-be illegal immigrants. About 2,000 of them swam and rafted across a river separating Mexico and Guatemala, re-forming the caravan in Mexico and insisting they will carry out their plan to waltz right into the U.S. Their continued quest is despite warnings from President Trump.

—QUOTABLE: “So as of this moment, I thank Mexico…I hope they continue. But as of this moment, I thank Mexico. If that doesn’t work out, we’re calling up the military – not the Guard…They’re not coming into this country.” Trump in Scottsdale, Ariz.


President Trump has a warning for anyone thinking about engaging in voter fraud. In a Saturday tweet the president said authorities are on the lookout for cheating, especially during early voting. Anyone found guilty would be subject to penalties both “civil and criminal,” he said. While Democrats continue to insist voter fraud is a myth and voter ID laws are unjust, irregularities continue to be caught, and Dems benefit from them disproportionately. 

—QUOTABLE: “All levels of government and Law Enforcement are watching carefully for VOTER FRAUD, including during EARLY VOTING. Cheat at your own peril. Violators will be subject to maximum penalties, both civil and criminal!” -Trump tweet


An elderly Indian man is dead after being attacked by a gang of brick-throwing monkeys. Dharampal Singh, 72, suffered head and chest injuries after being barraged by bricks from primates in trees above him. He was later pronounced dead at a hospital in the province in northern India. Villagers have long complained about the rogue monkey problem, but nothing can be done because monkeys are a protected species in India. Singh’s family has filed criminal charges, but the local cops told the Times of India they cannot prosecute monkeys.




Senator Rand Paul tells Chris Wallace the Saudi account that journalist Jamal Khashoggi was killed in a fist fight at their consulate isn’t believable. “This is just another in the line of long instances of Saudi insults to the civilized world,” Paul said. He called for ending arms sales to the Arab kingdom and reconsidering their status as an American ally.


Senator Thom Tillis echoed Rand Paul’s sentiment to Chuck Todd on Meet the Press: “In Saudi Arabia, you do not do something of this magnitude without having clearance from the top. We need to find out who that is and hold him accountable,” Tillis said.


US Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke is walking back his use of the “Lyin’ Ted” epithet he borrowed from President Trump to attack Ted Cruz. Cruz and Trump have made up, and Trump is campaigning for Cruz before Election Day. This week on the campaign trail, O’Rourke said the “Lyin’ Ted monicker” was fitting for his opponent and Trump was right to use it. But under pressure to disassociate himself in any way at all from the Commander in Chief, he apologized to ABC News: “That wasn’t the best phrase for me to use but, you know, I’m — I’m going to do my best to stay focused on the future.”


Senator Ben Sasse touted his new book, “Them,” which analyzes the deep political divide in the country. The book points to the digital revolution alienating people and removing community associations that until recently kept people together despite political differences.



No winner for Saturday night’s drawing. Wednesday night’s drawing will be for $470 million or a $268.6 million cash payout.



10. The Old Man & the Gun: $2 Million (up from 15th)

9. Bad Times At The El Royale: $3.3 Million (down from 7th)

8. Night School (2018): $5 Million (down from 6th)

7. Smallfoot: $6.6 Million (down from 5th)

6. The Hate U Give: $7.5 Million (up from 9th)

5. First Man: $8.6 Million (down from 3rd)

4. Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween: $9.7 Million (remained at 4th)

3. Venom (2018): 18.1 Million (down from 1st)

2. A Star is Born (2018): $19.3 Million (remained at 2nd)

1. Halloween (2018): $77.5 Million (premiere)



Britney Spears is starting a new residency in Las Vegas. This time she’ll be at MGM. Insiders say the “Britney: Domination” show will have an “urban” and “hip-hop” vibe reflected in the sets, choreography, and wardrobe. Two of the producers behind Jennifer Lopez’s Vegas residency are on hand to produce Britney’s. The residency starts in February and will run through August.


Social media star “Brother Nature” is under fire for racist and mysoginistic tweets he made in 2011 and 2012. He was barely 12 years old at the time. Real name Kevin Pena became a viral social media star for taking pics and videos of himself comfortably interacting with deer and other wildlife, gaining a large following. But the tweets have his fans split. The old social media dispatches include things like “Heil Hitler,” appreciation for Chris Brown’s domestic violence, and racist and sexist comments. But fans are coming to his defense since he was so young at the time.


Actress Selma Blair (“Legally Blonde” actress) has announced her Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis on Instagram. “I am disabled. I fall sometimes. I drop things. My memory is foggy. And my left side is asking for directions from a broken GPS … but we are doing it,” she wrote in the lengthy caption, where she thanked friends and staff on her Netflix show “Another Life” for being accommodating and helpful. She also said she got the news on August 16th. 


Ariana Grande is living her best life — she was spotted in New York doing some retail therapy while she gets over her breakup with Pete Davidson. She was touting Chanel bags in each hand. Friends say she’s been spending time with family while she recovers.

MEANWHILE — Pete’s been seen in public, performing in LA. He joked about the rush engagement being stupid and asked the crowd if anyone’s looking for a roommate … at least he’s finding levity in the situation.


Max Ehrich was spotted for the first time since getting a gun pulled on him. The “Young and the Restless” star was seen exiting a Los Angeles law office with a body guard on Friday. The 27-year-old is apparently beefing up his security and looking into his legal options after a prominent real estate agent—who had become obsessed with the actor—pulled a gun on him in a “fit of rage.” The incident has been turned over to the police and is currently being investigated.


Jenelle and David Eason are putting on a united front amid reports of domestic violence. Last week, Jenelle called 911 claiming she had been assaulted by her husband. After the police arrived and advised the “Teen Mom” star of her rights, she denied an ambulance, instead going to the hospital in a private vehicle. When asked about the incident, the mom of three said that she fell while at the bonfire they were having at their home. Days after the alleged incident, the couple posted videos and photos showing a happy, loving relationship. Since there was no follow up with the police, there is no current investigation.


Blue Ivy was spotted at a pumpkin patch last week. While her super famous parents—Beyonce and Jay-Z—were not along for the field trip, a massive bodyguard shadowed the 6-year-old the whole time. Blue explored the patch, played on slides and hung out with some goats, sheep and chickens. She also posed for a pic with a Frankenstein monster.


Hailey Baldwin is trying to trademark her new name—Hailey Bieber. The model filed to trademark the name on October 10 for the purpose of creating a clothing line under her newly acquired moniker. After initially denying that the two eloped, Hailey has since admitted she is in fact married to the Biebs. In a recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar, the 21-year-old gushed about her “incredible husband” and how “he crushes everything” he does.



Jovan “Pee Wee” Clayton was arrested last Thursday on an outstanding domestic battery warrant. The former member of The Rej3ctz, couldn’t care less about the impending arrest, as he was focused on his lady friend who he was going “f**k the s**t” out of—which explained the three boxes of condoms found in the trunk. His plan drastically changed when it was revealed that the woman with him was actually a confidential informant who had just “dropped the dime” on him. Pee Wee was booked on felony domestic abuse and his bail was set at $100,000.


Former child actor Jason James Richter was arrested for misdemeanor domestic violence. He spent two nights in jail before being released on $20,000 bail. TMZ was told by Richter’s people that he got into an argument with his girlfriend, which then escalated into a physical altercation, prompting her to file a police report. The 38-year-old has been charged with one count of vandalism—for a door that was broken during the dispute—and one count of battery on a significant other with no physical injury. If convicted, he faces up to a year in jail. Richter starred as Jesse in the films, “Free Willy” and “Free Willy 2”.



Justin Timberlake has taken $400,000 off the asking price for his SoHo townhouse. He listed it in March for $7.995 million — now that’s down to $6.35 million. It’s a great property, at 2600 square feet, wraparound terrace, and plenty of amenities in the building. 



Kim Kardashian-West turned 38 on Sunday! The reality star was surprised a day early by husband Kanye West with some special gifts. The mom of three woke up to a male musician playing a grand piano and a giant display of exotic, pink flowers hanging from the ceiling. Kim posted a video of the surprise on her Instagram saying “this is what I wake up to, guys. Kanye’s the most creative when it come to sending me flowers for my birthday!” Apparently, all is forgiven after the backlash from Kanye’s SNL Pro-Trump rant.


Tristan Thompson got trolled…again. Khloe Kardashian’s baby daddy posted a photo of himself at the Quicken Loans Arena—where he and fellow Cavaliers play ball—and captioned the pic, “felt good to be back on the court!” Loyal Kardashian fans began commenting, most playing on the wording of what the NBA star wrote. Some of the not-so-subtle trolling burns included “it also feels good to be loyal to Khloe, try it” and “too bad you can’t feel good about being a good man.” While it isn’t clear what the relationship status is with Tristan and Khloe, the fact that she didn’t move with him to Cleveland cannot be a good sign.



TMZ speculates about a member of the British Royal family becoming President. Since Meghan is an American, her child with Prince Harry is eligible for citizenship once she completes some paperwork — being born abroad, the child’s citizenship won’t be an immediate given. She’s working toward British citizenship herself right now. Meg and Harry have until the kid’s 18th birthday to sign the citizenship documents, meaning he or she could simultaneously be 7th in line for the Throne (as it stands) and eligible to be President of the United States.


Prince Harry is ecstatic to be a dad! He gushed about his newest (future) addition while speaking onstage at the opening ceremony of the 2018 Invictus Games at the Sydney Opera House. Duchess Meghan beamed at her hubby from the front row, while cradling her tiny baby bump. The royal baby news was announced hours after the newlyweds landed at their first stop—Australia—on their first joint royal tour. Harry, who served in the British Army for 10 years, founded the Invictus Games—an international Paralympic-style sports competition for wounded and ill military personnel and vets—in 2014.



• Caps Lock Day
• Nut Day
• International Stuttering Awareness Day
• Smart Is Cool Day



The first recorded human parachute jump is made.

Andre Jacques Garnerin leaps out of a hydrogen balloon over Paris, about six-tenths of a mile up.

Garnerin concepted the idea of his parachute while a prisoner in Hungary during the French Revolution.

His design included a canopy 23 feet in diameter connected to a basket by rope.

For his first historical jump, he ascended in a hydrogen balloon. Then bailed out.

It was a hard lesson learned. He landed safely, though a little jarred. He had not thought to let some air vent through the balloon, so he was jolted around violently during the descent.

Five years later, he made another jump from 8,000 feet.


Federal agents kill mobster Charles “Pretty Boy” Floyd in Ohio.

He had been on the run for 4 years, following the massacre of 4 officers at a train station in Kansas City.

Though Floyd was wrapped up in crime, he became a darling of Depression-era Americans, with some stories suggesting he used some of the money he robbed to help those struggling. There is even a line speaking favorably of him in Steinbeck’s “The Grapes of Wrath.”

But others knew him to be a ruthless criminal.

Floyd maintained his innocence while a fugitive. His last words insisted his innocence in the officer shooting.


JFK announces to the nation the discovery of Soviet missiles across Cuba, capable of attacking the United States.

The strategy moving forward would be to quarantine Cuba, blockading any more shipments from the USSR.

The announcement came one week after analysts first discovered the weapons from spy plane imagery. For the next six days, may feared the outbreak of nuclear war.


Philosopher and writer Jean-Paul Sartre is awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature, and ostentatiously declines.

Much of his writing discusses existentialism, finding one’s own meaning in life, rejecting the material because it has no significance, blah blah blah.

One of his major works was called “Being and Nothingness,” so, you know, that kind of stuff.


Sugar substitute aspartame is approved by the FDA.

It was discovered as an artificial sweetener in 1965 while being used as an ulcer drug. One researcher found it to be very sweet — 200 more times than sugar, by a certain measurement.

It also had fewer calories than sugar, and was marketed as such.

But objections arose in 1974. Over the next 7 years it was further studied and approved for use. It quickly found its way onto restaurant tables, plus in the development in candy, cereal, coffee, pudding, gum, and any other sweet food you can think of.



Zac Hanson – drummer, “Hanson” – 33

Shaggy (Orville Richard Burrell) – Reggae/Pop/R&B singer – 50

Jeff Goldblum – actor – 66

Deepak Chopra – philosopher and writer – 71

Tony Roberts – actor, “Annie Hall” – 79

Christopher Lloyd – actor, “Back to the Future” – 80


Timothy Leary – Harvard professor who encouraged LSD use – 1920

Curly Howard – 1903