RBG’s Fall

Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been hospitalized. The 85-year-old fell in her SCOTUS office, went home and later checked herself into George Washington University Hospital, where it was discovered she had broken 3 ribs. Some on the left are calling the fall ominous as it came merely 24 hours after the Republicans gained 2 Senate seats. RBG also broke 2 ribs after a fall back in 2012. There is no word yet on when she will be released. 

RBG Yearns For Return To SCOTUS Civility

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is criticizing Congress for politicizing the confirmation process for Supreme Court nominees. Speaking at the U.S. Court of Appeals’ D.C. Circuit, Ginsburg urged lawmakers to return to the bipartisan confirmations of days gone by, to “reach across the aisle.” The justice was confirmed unanimously in 1993—a sharp difference from the divisive 50-48 confirmation circus of Brett Kavanaugh, which she did not directly reference.

—“What a difference in time that was from what we are witnessing today,” she said in reference to her own glide-path confirmation, elsewhere adding that the “obvious culprit is Congress.” -Ginsburg