Mueller Probe Lawyer Accused of Conflict of Interest

Robert Mueller’s probe is facing accusations of a conflict of interest. An associate of conservative operative Roger Stone who was called to testify says he was questioned prior to his testimony by a lawyer who once represented Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. The Stone associate, Tyler Nixon, said he it’s “deeply troubling”  that the lawyer, Jeannie Rhee, would be involved with the Mueller probe. Because of that conflict of interest, Nixon is calling for Rhee to be removed or to recuse herself from the investigation.

—QUOTABLE: “[Rhee’s involvement] was not disclosed to me prior to my testimony, and I find this to be deeply troubling and certainly Ms. Rhee should be recused or removed from the investigation.” -Nixon

Mueller Goes After Stone Correspondence

Robert Mueller wants records from Trump Tower involving right-wing operative Roger Stone. The special counsel wants phone calls or visitor logs regarding Stone, a top Trump campaign advisor. The Mueller team is probing what Stone might have known about Wikileaks’ plans to release emails that had been stolen from Democrats. Stone, for his part, denies visiting Trump Tower after officially leaving the campaign in August of 2015.

—QUOTABLE: “No visits to Trump Tower from August 2015 until after the election when the President-elect asked me to visit…Occasional phone calls with Trump in 2016 all initiated by him and certainly never a discussion of Wikileaks whatsoever!” -Stone

Mueller Takes Aim At Conspiracy Theorist

The Robert Mueller probe is turning its attention to a conspiracy theorist with ties to right-wing operative Roger Stone. They’re looking at Jerome Corsi, who recently sat down for a second round of interviews with the special counsel in the midst of his probe into alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. Mueller is supposedly interested in whether the 72 year old Corsi, formerly a contributor to conspiracy theory website InfoWars, had advance knowledge that WikiLeaks would release the emails of Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta.

Mueller Pursues “Dirty Trickster” Stone

Roger Stone built his career on being a “dirty trickster,” and Robert Mueller plans to exploit that. The special counsel’s team is combing through the track record of Stone, an early Trump supporter and longtime bare-knuckles GOP operative, as part of its investigation into alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. Stone has described himself as the “dirty trickster,” and the new branch of the Mueller probe is looking into whether he might’ve crossed the line in political work prior to what he did for the Trump campaign. If Mueller digs up some dirt, he could use that to press charges unrelated to Trump OR Russian collusion in order to get Stone to start dishing on the president. Stone says he hasn’t yet been contacted by Mueller’s team.