Doria the Great

Queen Elizabeth will invite Meghan Markle’s mother Doria to join the Royal family at their Sandringham estate over Christmas. It’s an offer that has never gone to Kate Middleton’s family, but insiders say it’s the Queen’s way of acknowledging Meg doesn’t have family in the country. The Middletons have celebrated with the Royals, but never while staying in an official royal residence.

Lover’s Knot Tiara

Kate Middleton paid tribute to Princess Diana at a state dinner on Tuesday night. The Duchess wore one of Diana’s tiaras—the Lover’s Knot—at the event she attended with Prince William. Kate, who has worn this tiara to other royal functions, added pearl earrings that also belonged to the late Princess Di. People reports that the Lover’s Knot tiara is over 100-years-old and belongs to Queen Elizabeth, but originally was made for Queen Mary in 1914. Diana was gifted the tiara when she married Prince Charles and returned the crown to the Queen when the two separated.