Lil Xan Cutting Back

The death of Mac Miller as well as Demi Lovato’s overdose has rapper Lil Xan opening up about his own addiction struggles. The 22-year-old reached out to TMZ—after the news about Mac’s cause of death was released—and said that he used to deal pills before becoming a rapper. Xan also stated that fentanyl terrified him and his “friends were taking it, they were puking” and that’s when he decided to get “out of the game.” While Xan is not totally clean, he said that he has “curbed his drug use.”

Lil Xan Betrayed By a Snack

Lil Xan’s snacking landed him in the hospital. The rapper shared a photo to his Instagram of him laying in the back of an ambulance. He followed up the photo with a video explaining that he ended up in the hospital because he ate too many Hot Cheetos and it “ripped something in [his] stomach open”. Apparently, these incidents are relatively common. Dr. Cary Cavender of Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital said that they receive a lot of patients who have “gastritis and ulcer-related stuff due to [hot snacks]”.