Moore Hates Current Dem Prez Field

Far-left film maker Michael Moore said on Wednesday that liberal presidential prospects like Sens. Kamala Harris and Cory Booker would definitely lose a 2020 presidential bid. Moore said he doesn’t see a viable contender against President Trump in the current gallery of Democrat candidates in an interview with MSNBC’s Morning Joe. “We cannot run a politician against [Trump], we will lose,” Moore said.

—QUOTABLE: “We have to run a beloved American…It’s gotta be like a Michelle Obama or it’s gotta be a ‘Sully’ Sullenberger. Why aren’t we thinking along the lines of who can defeat him? We will lose in 2020.” -Moore

Liberal Senators Under Fire For Confirmation Circus Fundraising

Two big time lefty senators are in trouble for their fundraising in the midst of Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation circus. California Sen. Kamala Harris and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren essentially tried selling their votes on the confirmation by sending fundraising solicitations to support their “no” vote—prior to actually voting against the confirmation. That amounts to vote selling, according to a complaint filed by the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust. Senate rules prohibit Senators from cashing in on their positions, and FACT, the group suing, says linking a promise of official action with campaign cash is a clear violation.

—QUOTABLE: “This is a clear violation of the Senate Ethics rules which safeguard against the appearance or actuality of elected officials ‘cashing in’ on their official position for political purposes.” -Kendra Arnold, FACT executive director

Harris Plans Iowa Trip

Kamala Harris has booked her first trip to Iowa. The California Senator and far-left Democrat will travel in late October to the state that kicks off presidential election contests. Harris, who is a more-than-rumored Dem candidate for president in 2020, will show up in Des Moines and Cedar Rapids. Her Iowa trip is set to follow stops in South Carolina, another early primary state, and to battleground state Wisconsin on Oct. 21. Harris, who made a fool of herself during the confirmation circus of Brett Kavanaugh, has said she will “seriously take a look at” running for president—because, what America needs most is an ultra liberal California Democrat in the White House. In a new CNN poll, just 9 percent supported Harris to be the Dem nominee.