Kavanaugh Starts Strong

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh started his new job on Monday, and heard his first case on the nation’s highest court Tuesday. And he hit the ground running. Hearing arguments over what should be considered a “violent felony” under the Armed Career Criminal Act, Kavanaugh asked nearly as many questions as Chief Justice John Roberts. Speculation was that he might lay low at first, but Kavanaugh—who has 12 years of experience as a judge on the D.C. Court of Appeals—did the opposite. No protesters managed to crash the proceeding.

Protesters Try To Crash Supreme Swearing-In

The swearing in of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court was interrupted by protesters wailing outside. They also scratched and clawed at the door. The protesters broke through a police line outside, where they were mostly being held at bay, and barged into the Court’s chamber, outside the door to the room where Chief Justice John Roberts was administering the oath of office late Saturday. In a video posted online, the protesters—angry about the confirmation vote earlier in the day—screamed and tried to pry to obviously very heavy, and very locked, doors open.