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Two years ago, Democrats who then controlled state government adopted a law that allows people to file complaints with the state Department of Public Instruction over race-based mascots and team names. The complaints prompt hearings and it is difficult for schools to retain their names once that process has started because the schools have the burden of showing their team names and mascots do not promote discrimination or stereotyping.

The Republican proposal the Assembly took up Tuesday would roll back that law. Complaints could be considered only if someone submitted signatures from district residents equal to 10% of the student population of the district.

The measure would change the burden of proof, so the person filing the complaint would have to prove discrimination.

Journal Sentinel coverage of legislature’s agenda

It is a fundamental tenet of liberalism to pursue policy that expands the government’s control.

In the case of increasing the speed limit to 70 miles per hour on the freeway system, as have more than 36 other states, the notion of empowering drivers to make their own decisions in terms of driving speeds leaves them breathless. Anyone driving just up to 65 on the freeway is either on Medicare or Phil Dunphy.

But more exhaustingly, the tirades over school mascots have reached a head, and Republicans in the legislature are acting. When Team Donkey was running the show, legislation was enacted that allowed anyone offended by perceived racial insensitivity to file a complaint that instigated a series of hearings. Since then, schools like Mukwanago have been thrust into the limelight for maintaining their Indian mascot.

The ensuing process ran counter to any other legal principles at play, in which the accused had to prove it was not guilty of discrimination. This would be like giving a defense attorney the burden of proof in a courtroom.

What the Republicans aim to do, rightfully, is shift this dynamic — loosening government control and disempowering anyone who needs a change of undies because a non-related ethnic group’s collective feelings were hurt.

While it’s typical for anyone on the left to claim moral high ground by feigning indignation over even the most minuscule cases of perceived insensitivity, this measure would keep them in their place, and they don’t like it. The new law would still require a certain number of signatures in order to impel action, and the only thing liberals love more than whining about insensitivity is signing a paper to show how outraged they are.

Evidently these are the controversies indicative of a successful state economy. With an exemplary surplus reported today, Governor Walker can’t be blamed for the state going down a road to financial ruin, so trifling policy matters top the headlines. Imagine what could be produced from a Walker presidency.

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