Lilo in Trouble?

Lindsay Lohan appeared in an unfortunate online video over the weekend getting punched by a Russian woman after apparently trying to kidnap her kids. So her longtime publicist Hunter Frederick is flying to Paris to check in on the often troubled actress. He says friends and family are worried about her stability and sobriety after the video appeared, and they just want to be sure she’s okay.

Kanye to Africa?

YE — aka Kanye West — says he didn’t drop his album online over the weekend as promised because he’s not done yet — and that he’s going to AFRICA to do just that. He told TMZ that his 9th studio album, called “Yandhi” (like Gandhi) still needs some final touches. He’s banking on pulling “inspiration and energy from the Earth” in Africa to get the job done.

Ben Affleck Takes a Break

Ben Affleck was spotted taking another break from rehab. The actor was seen at church with his ex, Jennifer Garner and their kids, Samuel, Violet and Seraphina. Affleck has previously been spotted leaving his rehab facility for workout sessions and studio meetings. While leaving treatment is a different approach, it seems to be working for him, a source told TMZ — pics of the actor showed him in top shape wearing a tight, fitted tee shirt.

Chrissy & John

Chrissy Teigen recently shared in an interview with People that husband John Legend is “into her all the time”. The model said that even when she is not feeling good about how she looks, Legend lets her know that he is “still totally turned on”. Teigen has been very open about how her body has changed and that she hasn’t bounced back to her model physique, after giving birth to their two children. Regardless, her hubby can’t keep his hands off, which has been proven in their car make-out sessions and their adorable date nights. So ladies, find someone who looks at you like Mr. Legend looks at Ms. Teigen in sweats.

This is Us Raise

The main stars of NBC tear-jerking drama “This Is Us” are making bank this season. Milo Ventimiglia, Sterling K. Brown, Mandy Moore, Chrissy Metz and Justin Hartley will each receive $250,000 an episode for the 18-episode season. That’s $4.5 million a year, each. Metz previously earned a relatively paltry $40,000 an episode. She said she had only 81 cents in her bank account when she landed the role. This also levels the playing field among all the stars. Milo Ventimiglia had been the lead earner previously, taking in $115,000 per show. They’re earning their keep — This is Us has been scoring a 5.4 in the 18-45 demographic, making it the Number 1 drama on TV.

Turner Talks

CNN fonder Ted Turner has announced he has Lewy Body Dementia — an illness that causes severe exhaustion and forgetfulness. He was, ironically, on CBS Sunday Morning to discuss the diagnosis. 
MEANWHILE — Turner also had some criticisms for the network he founded nearly 40 years ago — he thinks CNN is too political and too one-sided, thank you very much.

Lohan Livestreams

Lindsay Lohan livestreamed quite the video over the weekend. While in Moscow, Lohan came across a presumably homeless family and offered to get them a hotel room for the night. The parents didn’t accept the gesture, so Lohan moved on to the two children and tried to convince them to go with her. When that tactic failed, Lohan started yelling at the parents for allowing their children to be out in the cold when she is offering them a warm place to sleep. Having enough, the family got up to leave, but the actress wasn’t done. She followed them and started yelling that they are “trafficking the children”. Lohan also started yelling that the family is “ruining Arab culture” by not accepting her help, to which the mother replied with a punch that knocked Lohan to the ground. Lohan ended the video with her crying and telling viewers she was “in shock” as the family made their escape.

Sneaky Swift

Taylor Swift loves her privacy; especially when it comes to boyfriend Joe Alwyn. Swift is so private with their relationship that she wouldn’t even walk the red carpet for this movie premiere over the weekend. The singer was spotted sneaking into the premiere and even exiting through a back door, according to the Daily Mail. The couple was spotted later that evening, hand in hand, so they are very much still together and into one another.

Roger Matthews Vows to Fight

This is not the end for Jenni “JWoww” Farley and Rodger Matthews, if Matthews has anything to say about it. Farley recently filed for divorce from her husband of three years and Matthews took to Instagram to confirm the news, saying it was not due to “cheating or any dumb s—t” and vowed to fight for their relationship. While Farley has yet to publicly address the split, she has asked for primary custody of their two children, Meilani and Greyson, as well as child support, health insurance and funds for health care expenses. Matthews said the two are in therapy so there is still hope. Fans are probably hoping for some sort of spin-off from their former reality show, Jenni & Roger: Domesticated, that follows the divorce…or reconciliation.


Kanye West is pulling a Prince. On Saturday, the rapper tweeted, “The being formally known as Kanye West…I am YE”. The tweet came ahead of West’s album release and performance on Saturday Night Live. He has gone by “Ye” as a nickname in the past and used it as the title of his last album, but has not clarified if he is changing his stage name. He has however, changed his social media to the new moniker.

Nelly Rape Suit Settled

Rapper Nelly has settled the rape suit filed against him. The accuser says she was invited on his tour bus last October, when Nelly forced himself on her. She says she was tossed off the bus after screaming for help, and Nelly threw a $100 bill at her. Nelly countersued for defamation and says it was consnesual. The terms of the settlement haven’t been disclosed.

Macauly Potter?

Macauly Culkin is looking for work, and he’s taken to Twitter to as JK Rowling for his next gig. The Home Alone actor tweeted at the Harry Potter author, asking to be written in to the next Fantastic Beasts movie. No word back from JK. The second installment of the Harry Potter prequel is due out November 16. Rowling took a bit of flack when it was revealed that an Asian actress was hired on to play the character Nagini — who shows up in the Harry Potter books as a snake. Lots of questions to answer. But apparently the casting is racist on Rowling’s part, according to some Twitter whiners.

Cosby Star Vandalized

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, which oversees the Walk of Fame, said earlier this week there were no plans to remove Bill Cosby’s star — but that hasn’t stopped vigilantes from taking matters into their own hands. The words “Serial Rapist” and “#MeToo” have been scribbled onto the star.  It’s the second time it’s been defaced this week.

Won’t Tom Hanks Be My Neighbor?

Behind the scenes photos have emerged of Tom Hanks in character as Mr. Rogers. The look is spot-on. Tom’s seen sitting in the doorway to his trailer, likely on-set for the film “You Are My Friend.” The pic was released by Sony Pictures on social media. The film is slated for an as-yet-undetermined 2019 release date.

Cops at Cher’s

A whole team of law enforcement and first responders, including ambulances and a fire truck, swarmed Cher’s Malibu mansion Thursday. Turns out the cops were executing a warrant on a drug-related charge, and took the son of Cher’s assistant into custody. 23-year-old Donavan Ruiz been charged with supplying the drugs that led to the death of a user. But why all the EMTs and fire squad? Police say they were concerned the encounter could have turned violent. Word is Cher was not on the property at the time, but apparently Ruiz lives in the mansion.

Drew Kardashimore

Drew Barrymore thinks it’s great that Kim Kardashian-West was such a fan during her formative years. Kim had posted a throwback Insta pic from the ’90s when she says she was obsessed with Barrymore’s look and style. The actress took it in stride and re-posted the pic and caption to her own feed, commenting “This picture is just JOY!!!” The pair have had social media run-ins in the past, but nothing dramatic. Drew has posted on a few occasions videos and pics of receiving various fragrances from Kim’s beauty line.

Konfused Kanye

Kayne West is a conundrum. West showed up at The Fader offices to discuss his new design for the MAGA hat and the “positive energy” that he put into it. West was sporting the newly designed MAGA hat as well as a sweatshirt with Colin Kaepernick’s name on it. Cue the confusion. The rapper famously came out in support of President Trump but appears to also support Kaepernick. The former 49er was referred to as a Son of a B***h by President Trump for kneeling during the anthem. Meanwhile, West came out in support of Nike signing the blacklisted quarterback saying, “I stand for giving everyone a voice”.

Baby #4 for The Deckers?

Jessie James Decker told E! she will “never say never” when it comes to the idea of having another baby. The mom of three and wife of former NFL player Eric Decker gave birth to their youngest Forrest Decker only five months ago; he joined big sister Vivianne and big brother Eric Jr. Very busy with three children, Jessie has help now that Eric is officially retired. She commented that he is “such a great dad” and helps out so she can focus on her upcoming JustFab fall campaign and the release of her new song “Boots”.

Rapper Facing Felonies

Daz Dillinger has been arrested. The Dog Pound rapper was allegedly found with a bunch of weed in his Georgia home and now faces multiple felony charges. According to TMZ, Dillinger has been charged with 12 counts of possession of a controlled substance and 1 count possession of more than one ounce of marijuana. His bond is set at $15k and he currently is still in jail, waiting to see the judge.

Beverly Hills Housewife is Free

Kim Richards is off probation! The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum has been on probation for the past 3 years, stemming from her drunken rampage at the Beverly Hills Hotel in April of 2015. A source told TMZ that Richards had completed her 450 hours of community service and 52 AA meetings as of December 2017 and has been waiting for the rest of the time on her probation to run out. The former Housewife appears to currently be in a good place. She was recently spotted celebrating her 54th Birthday with her sisters Kyle Richards and Kathy Hilton

Swift in Cats!

Taylor Swift has signed on to star in the movie adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Weber’s “Cats,” but Weber says he’s not sure which role she’ll play yet. If you’re into that sort of thing, he says the role will probably be for either Bombularina or Demeter Macavity. Swift famously owns her own cats, which she features prominently on social media. Jennifer Hudson and Ian McKellan have also signed on for roles.

Gisele’s Boob Job

Supermodel Gisele Bunchden reveals in her forthcoming memoir she did in fact get breast surgery in 2015 — but immediately regretted it. She writes that after nursing her children for up to 18 months each, she wanted to get work done. But immediately after waking up for the procedure, she regretted it. All along the way, she says husband Tom Brady and her family  were supportive. … But of course.