Is Depp Innocent?

Johnny Depp is asserting the accusations of domestic abuse leveled by ex-wife Amber Heard are unfounded — and he’s thanked authjor JK Rowling for standing by him in the media. When accusations surfaced that Depp had gotten violent with Heard, there were calls to kick him out of the “Fantastic Beasts” movie series, but Rowling stood by him. Depp says it’s because she knows he had been “falsely accused” and that he feels bad she was thrust into the middle of the controversy. 

Conway the Survivor

Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway appeared on CNN this weekend and told Jake Tapper that she, too, is a survivor of sexual assault. The comment was almost offhand, and took Tapper by surprise. When he followed up, she pivoted to talking about hearing everyone who comes forward, but prosecuting perpetrators in legal court, not the mob-like court of public opinion. “We do treat people differently who are either the victims or the perpetrators of this based on their politics, now, and based on their gender,” Conway said. “That is a huge mistake.”

Spacey’d Out

Kevin Spacey is in trouble again. Now he’s being sued for sexual battery AND false imprisonment. A multi-claim complaint filed in Los Angeles alleges the actor forced an unnamed victim to touch him inappropriately during a hotel room encounter in October 2016. The victim is a massage therapist who had been performing professional services for spacey in a hotel room. When he tried to leave, the document alleges, Spacey stood in the doorway to prevent the exit. A previous alleged attack against actor Anthony Rapp is currently under investigation by authorities in the UK and Los Angeles.

Fager in Trouble

60 Minutes Executive Producer JEFF FAGER is extending his summer vacation, indefinitely, while CBS officials investigate six accusations of inappropriate conduct toward female employees. He was exposed earlier this year by Ronan Farrow’s reporting, but the news has just been buried under higher-profile names. He’s accused of touching employees “in ways that made them feel uncomfortable,” usually while drunk at corporate functions. Fager is not currently scheduled to return for the fall season until the investigation continues.