World Smile Day!

TODAY IS—World Smile Day! This day was created by Harvey Ball, who also created the smiley face; arguably the first emoji. Concerned about the commercialization of the smile, Ball created a day to focus on spreading joy and love to everyone. He passed away in 2001, but his legacy lives on through the Harvey Ball World Smile Foundation, which carries on his message of peace and love. To celebrate today, brighten the world with a smile.

Taco Day!

TODAY IS—Taco Day! Not sure when this day was created, no one is complaining that is was. The taco, as we know it today, has been around since the 19th century, but a meal prepared with tortillas has been referred to as early as 1520. That meal would have been made with soft wheat or corn tortillas, not the hard-shell option we have today. Taco combinations come in all shapes, layers and flavors, so there is sure to be something for everyone! Enjoy Taco-Thursday!

Techies Day!

TODAY IS–Techies Day! A techie is defined as someone who is very knowledgeable or enthusiastic about technology, especially high technology, according to Merriam-Webster. This day was developed for educating students about potential careers in technology. With the world growing more and more technological, there is a need for the technologically savvy to help those of us who are less knowledgeable.

World Farm Animals Day!

TODAY IS — World Farm Animals Day! This day was created in memory of Mahatma Gandhi who believed that all living beings should be treated with respect. Today focuses on the poor conditions some farm animals suffer through and to promote awareness to bring change and improve their lives. Originally created to bring awareness, it can be celebrated in light-hearted ways, like visiting local farm animals, learning about their different needs or donating to a charity that works on protecting those animals who have suffered. Also, teaching children about treating animals with respect is a positive that could come out of this day.

International Coffee Day!

TODAY IS – International Coffee Day! The coffee bean is the pit found in the coffee berry and is believed to have first been discovered in Ethiopia by a 9th century goat herder. The herder noticed the bean’s stimulating effects on his goats and started to experiment with them. The act of drinking coffee began in Asia, then traveled throughout Europe and eventually reached the Americas. Today, coffee is one of the world’s biggest crops.

Drink Beer Day!

TODAY IS – Drink Beer Day! One of the oldest man-made beverages, this refreshing elixir dates back as far as 1040. Recognized in many different countries around the world, this day is commonly celebrated with friends at a tavern or picking up a case at the local liquor store. Today, beer is served in many different flavors from raspberry and caramel to some with hints of herbs. With such a wide assortment, there is something for everyone!

Morning Show Hosts Day!

TODAY IS – Morning Show Hosts Day! This day is dedicated toward watching, listening to and appreciating morning talk show hosts. Morning Talk Shows focus their information on two groups: those staying home and those going to work. The beginning of most shows focus on major stories that occurred the previous day and overnight, political stories, sports news, weather forecasts and traffic reports. The latter half of the show hits on human interest pieces and entertainment news. Celebrate today by appreciating all the work that goes into hosting and discussing today’s news stories.

Johnny Appleseed Day!

TODAY IS – Johnny Appleseed Day! While many believe him to be a mere legend, he was in fact a real man. Born John Chapman, in Massachusetts in 1774, Johnny was a missionary who traveled throughout Pennsylvania, Ontario, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and West Virginia. Johnny loved more than just planting apple trees, he also had a fondness for animals and was rumored to be one of the first known vegetarians. While most of his trees were killed during the prohibition—due to the use of apples for making homemade hooch—there is still one standing today. It is still growing in Nova, Ohio and is the last known tree ever planted by Johnny; standing tall at 177-years-old.

Comic Book Day!

TODAY IS — Comic Book Day! The first comic, was drawn into existence in 1837 by Rodolphe Töpffer, featuring the character Obadiah Oldbuck. The first comic book was produced in 1933 and was cleverly titled the “Famous Funnies”—a collection of comic strips that had appeared in newspapers. While ‘comic’ usually implies funny, this was not always the case. The first comics were used as a medium to tell stories. Art Spiegelman made this case when he published “Maus”; a collection of comics depicting the pain and struggle of Spiegelman’s parents during the Holocaust. Today celebrates the artists and their creations, whether funny or historical, comics are enjoyed by many.

Root Beer Float Day

ROOT BEER FLOAT DAY: The first root beer float was created in Colorado in 1893 by Frank Wisner. Wisner, a soda entrepreneur, looked out his window one evening at the snow capped mountain and it reminded him of a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It dawned on him to add a scoop of actual ice cream to a glass of root beer and viola! an instant classic was created. To celebrate, head to your local A&W who are offering free small floats from 2-8pm or create your own at home!

Farmworker Appreciation Day

FARMWORKER APPRECIATION DAY: Created to show some love for the hardworking backbones of the farming community, today is about the laborers who harvest the foods we serve on our tables. Farmers have what is considered one of the most dangerous jobs; exposure to hazardous chemicals, working long hours in direct sunlight, and applying pesticides to and then harvesting those same plants saturated in the poisonous spray. Celebrate by thanking a hard-working farmer today!