Amy Schumer Arrested

“Comedian” Amy Schumer got arrested while protesting Brett Kavanuagh in Washington DC on Thursday. Video on social media shows a police officer asking her if she wants to get arrested — she answers “yes.” She was holding an “I believe Anita Hill” sign. No word on what the specific charge.

It’s worth noting that Schumer is cousins with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

Werth DUI Video

Nationals outfielder Jason Werth got a DUI in April, and video of the police encounter has surfaced. The video shows Werth trying to talk his way out of the arrest on account of his pro-baseballer status. When the cop wanted to get him to walk the line for a sobriety test, Werth refused and said, “A lot of people have gotten into a lot of trouble assuming that police officers have their best interests [at heart].” That’s when he was taken into custody. He ultimately registered a .12 Blood Alcohol Content level and was sentenced to a diversion program.

Birdman, Bad Man?

The man serving jailtime for shooting up Lil’ Wayne’s tour bus in 2015 received an odd call from rapper Birdman while in the slammer. A transcript of the call reveals Birdman telling Jimmy Winfrey, “Time for you to come out here and get your money. You did everything you could do, boss.” The idea being Winfrey was paid off by Birdman to go after Lil’ Wayne. But Birdman says “no way” — he doesn’t even think Winfrey is responsible for the shooting and he would in no way have been with Lil’ Wayne.
FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH — Winfrey’s conviction was overturned in July based on a biased jury; he’s awaiting either a new trial or new plea deal.

Sarah Palin’s Son Arrested

Track Palin was arrested again. The 29-year-old was charged with domestic violence after an alleged confrontation with a woman at his home. According to CNN Sarah Palin’s son has denied any wrong doing. This is not Palin’s first run in with the law. He was arrested after an alleged confrontation with his dad Todd Palin and has a previous domestic violence charge along with possession of a weapon while intoxicated. Palin took a plea in his earlier arrests, resulting in some of the charges to be dismissed. The latest arrest came just one day before his sister Willow Palin tied the knot. The Palin Family has yet to comment on the incident.

Cardi B Surrenders

Cardi B turned herself in on Monday, in connection to a strip club fight. According to TMZ, the rapper will be charged for allegedly ordering an attack on two bartenders at Angels Strip Club in Queens, NY. Cardi had a “long-standing beef” with the bartenders—who are also sisters—because she believed one of them had slept with her husband, Offset. While at the club, she allegedly told her “posse to attack them”. Both bartenders sustained injuries, but refused medical treatment. The 25-year-old was not placed under arrest, but received a summons to appear in court on the charges.