Officiating Gripes from Steelers’ Tomlin

In more officiating
fallout for Sunday a member of the NFL Competition Committee came out against
the officiating after the Steelers’ home win over the Falcons.

head coach Mike Tomlin called the officiating “a joke” and went on to say that “we
have gotta get better as the National Football League. Man, the penalties are
costing people games and jobs. We gotta get ‘em correct. And yes, I’m pissed
about it to be quite honest with you and that’s all I’m going to say about it.”

Tomlin didn’t
specify what penalties he has issues with. The Steelers were flagged seven
times for 58 yards.

Through the
first 5 games of the season the Steelers are the leagues most penalized team
including six unnecessary roughness calls.

Tomlin can expect
a call from New York for his pound of flesh for publicly criticizing the officiating.

Winners and Losers from NLDS Sweep

The Milwaukee
Brewers swept past the Colorado Rockies and into the National League
Championship Series with a 6-0 win on Sunday winning the best of five series in
three straight.

Here are the
biggest winners and losers fron the NLDS.

Christian Yelich

Yelich made
and early statement in Game 1 with a 2-run homer in the third inning and while
the Rockies did eventually tie the game in the top of the ninth, his heroics
set the tone for the remainder of the series.

Charlie Blackmon

Blackmon hit
.305 for the season but just .083 in the series and while the Colorado offense
failed overall Blackmon failed to set the table for the other Rockies stars.

Winner: Mike

Milwaukee is
a team with little playoff experience and Moustakas brought that to the club.
The Brewers 3rd baseman not only had the walk off single that won
Game 1 in the 10th but hit .364 for the series.

Loser: Bud

The Colorado
manager started the wrong pitcher for the win or go home Game 3. Kyle Freeland
turned in a spectacular performance against Chicago in the Wild Card game on
short rest. He was fully rested for the game on Sunday.

Winner: Erik

The best
hitter in the series wasn’t and MVP candidate like Yelich but a 38-year-old
journeyman catcher with a .211 batting average, hitting a staggering .625 in
the series with three hits in Game 3 while the Rockies as a team only had four.

Loser: Scott

Oberg was
beaten by his own mistakes on Game 3 with a costly balk that brought in a run
in the sixth inning and game up another on a wild pitch that effectively ended
the series for Colorado.

Manny Pina

The Brewers
catcher cut down two base stealing attempts by Colorado in Game 1 when the game
turned into a small ball match in the later innings.

Nolan Arenado and Trevor Story

Two guys who
hit a combined 75 homers in the regular season hit .182 and .167 respectively
and had one extra base hit, a double between them.

Milwaukee Pitching

overpowering effort was delivered by the entire staff not just the big names of
Josh Hader and Corey Knebel. In 28 innings the Rockies recorded just 14 hits, 6
walks and struck out 30 times. There were precious few tight spots for Brewers pitching
to work their way out of making an emphatic statement for the playoffs going forward.

Officiating Continues to Frustrate Fans and Players

Sad is the state of Roger Goodell’s NFL. There have been countless controversial penalties in the NFL this season, many affecting the outcomes of games. Most have been of the unnecessary roughness variety or roughing the passer.

Fans don’t gather at their local watering holes or attend games to see officials throw flags. In the feigned interest of safety game is close to being rendered unwatchable.

The NFL pays lip service to player safety. It only really cares about the safety of offensive players, primarily quarterbacks.

Miami Dolphins’ defensive tackle William Hayes was lost for the season after suffering a knee injury trying to not land with his full weight on Oakland Raiders’ quarterback Derek Carr so as to not receive a rough the passer penalty.

This is a league that schedules Thursday night games giving players three days to recover from the Sunday game and puts the travelling team at a disadvantage.

This is a league that still allows below the knee cut blocks on defensive linemen by offensive linemen. Something high school football and the NCAA have outlawed.

Forget the flag kneelers and the politicization of the NFL. The incompetent, biased and inconsistent officiating is leading to the dramatic decrease in ratings in recent years.

No ratings, no ad revenue, no profits for The Shield.

Roger Goodell please pick up the white courtesy phone.

Post Match Brawl Taints the UFC

What was supposed to be the biggest UFC match of the year between two of the sport’s biggest stars turned into an ugly post-fight brawl that left UFC President Dana White gob smacked.

Just moments after UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov (NUR-mah-go-med-off) defended his title with a submission over challenger and UFC star Conor McGregor, Nurmagomedov, climbed the cage and charged McGregor’s jujitsu coach a full on melee ensued with a member of Nurmagomedov’s entourage punching McGregor in the back of the head.

Once order was restored three of Nurmagomedov’s entourage were arrested but released after McGregor declined to press charges.

A sad post script to an night that should have launched Nurmagomedov into UFC superstardom with a victory over the sport’s biggest star.

In a post-fight presser UFC President Dana White feared the long reaching affects this might have on the UFC’s image saying the night was “really disgusting and disappointing to me.”

NY Giants Safety Rips Refs

In what has become a sad and running theme throughout the NFL this season, officials are being blamed for a loss suffered by the New York Giants against the Carolina Panthers on  Sunday.

While the Giants were nipped at the gun by a Graham Gano 63 yard, yes a 63 yard field goal, Giants’ safety Landon Collins was in no mood to be conciliatory.

When asked by the media in a post-game interview when the mood of the team was, Collins replied with a curt, “The mood is we need better refs, point blank, plain simple. It’s bogus calls being called out there.”

Collins was called for a questionable unnecessary roughness penalty while attempting to make a play on the ball that extended a Panther drive in the fourth quarter that would have forced a 4th-and-13. The drive resulted in a touchdown. The Giants surrendered three first downs on penalties in the game.

In addition to the unnecessary roughness call the Giants felt Carolina was given a first down on the game winning drive that seemed to come up short on 3rd and 1.

Giants players and fans lit up Twitter with rage at the officiating.

Collins will probably be getting a call from the commish asking a for a bit of coin for his comments.

Regardless of how the Giants feel about the penalties, just or unjust, they are still 1-4 after five weeks in the season.

Minneapolis Police Referring Ellison Case Elsewhere

Citing conflicts of interest in city government the Minneapolis Police Department is seeking an outside agency to investigate the domestic abuse claims against Rep Keith Ellison D-MN.

The Democratic Farmers Labor Party has been seeking a full investigation into domestic abuse charges brought against Ellison who is the Deputy Director of the DNC and the Democratic nominee for Attorney General in Minnesota.

A former girlfriend, Karen Monahan has accused Ellison of domestic abuse stemming from an incident in Ellison’s home in 2016.

A report that was commissioned by the DFL and led by a city prosecutor and investigator determined that there was insufficient evidence to proceed as Monahan would not turn over a video of the incident she claims to possess.

Ellison’s son, Jerimiah, is on the Minneapolis City Council and therefore citing a conflict of interest the Minneapolis Police Department is turning the investigation over to an outside agency yet to be named.

The Dakota County City Attorney has aid they will not review any further information regarding the incident until there is a report by an outside law enforcement agency.

Will Kavanaugh Saga Reunite the Right?

Bret Kavanaugh is not only a Supreme Court nominee but now he’s a certified conservative cause and may have the same affect in uniting the right against Democrats much like Hillary Clinton was in 2016 which propelled Donald Trump to the White House.

While the
outcome is yet to be decided the Democrats and the media may have made a gross
miscalculation by attacking the nominee over unfounded accusations and dragging
his family through a horrible and unnecessary ordeal all to protect abortion

Liberals and
the media have cast a well-qualified, amiable and by all accounts a mildly
conservative judge as a booze guzzling, girl groping frat boy and sexual

It’s likely that whatever issues divide the right , they will be set aside to rise up and turn out in droves at the midterms and will likely take a large number of independents with them. They empathize with Kavanaugh and strike back against the unfounded accusations by putting themselves in his position to have to defend against an indecent that allegedly happened 36 years ago despite no evidence and denials by witnesses named in the accusations.

The right is
set to deliver a stunning defeat to the left and their complicit media partners
much like they did in 2016.

Procedural Vote Set for Friday

As the FBI supplemental report made its way through the Senate and the potential end of a drama that has gripped the nation approaches Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has set the initial vote for today with the final roll call vote likely to take place on Saturday.

The nomination teeters on a thin 51-49 Republican Majority in the Senate. Should the vote end in a 50-50 tie Vice President Mike Pence would cast the deciding vote.

White House Finds No Corroboration in FBI Report

within the White House reports that there is no corroborating evidence against Supreme
Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh in the supplemental FBI report that was submitted
for review on Thursday.

Senators on
the Judiciary Committee will review the report first followed by the rank and
file of the Senate. The fate of the Kavanaugh nomination rests with the 100

As expected
the Democrats who agreed to the supplemental investigation last week as well as
the time frame have complained that the FBI hasn’t interviewed enough
witnesses. Most likely because the FBI hasn’t dug up any evidence against the
nominee deemed credible to scuttle the appointment.

In the
absence of any corroborating evidence the Senate will still be left with
nothing but accusations and denials that will still force wavering Republicans
like Jeff Flake R-AZ, Susan Collins R-ME and Lisa Murkowski R-AK to choose
whether to vote with their party and red state Democrats like Joe Manchin D-WV
and Heidi Heitkamp D-ND to go against their constituents and face the consequences
in the mid terms.

Kavanaugh’s Accusers’ People Question FBI’s Thoroughness

Attorneys for both Christine Blasey Ford and Debra Ramirez are questioning whether the FBI is being thorough in their supplemental investigation of Brett Kavanaugh as they claim they see no evidence that the FBI has reached out any of the witnesses they have named.

Attorneys for Ramirez doubt that the FBI is being allowed to conduct the investigation that it needs to. Insinuating that they are being dictated to by the Trump White House.

Sen Mitch McConnell R-KY, says the supplemental report would be finished Wednesday afternoon and that the report will be available for review shortly thereafter.

There is one copy of the report that will only be available to all 100 Senators and a handful of aides that will be delivered one by one to each Senate office, reviewed by the Senator than moved by courier to the next Senator. This is done to prevent leaks to the media.

Sen Chuck Schumer D-NY is demanding 24 hours after the report becomes available to hold the procedural vote the Senate floor.

McConnell has said the vote will take place after cloture either Friday or Saturday. Whether all Senators can review the document, which thought to be relatively short, can be done to meet that timeline is to be determined.

Will The Supplemental Report Be Made Public?

Sen John Cornyn R-TX wants the FBI’s supplemental report on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh to be made public.

Cornyn said that he wants the public to know what the Senators are voting on and their votes to be on public record. More Republicans are calling for this to be made public to force Democratic Senators in states that Trump won in 2016 to make their votes be accountable to their constituents in their home states.

Democrats seem to be more amenable to keeping the findings private as it may ruin their narrative against Kavanaugh in case the findings don’t back up the accusers claims.

Corker- Dems Overplayed Their Hand

Tennessee Senator Bob Corker, who is sometimes at odds with President Trump and considered a swing vote in the ongoing Brett Kavanaugh saga, says that the nominee will win confirmation and that the Democrats have “overplayed their hand”.

Corker went in to say that cloture, which discontinues debate on the matter, will be filed possibly Thursday once the Senate receives the FBI supplemental background check report that was agreed to last week.

Corker said that the vote will most likely come on Saturday and he is confident in Kavanaugh’s confirmation after what he called “heartfelt conversations with his colleagues.”