Judiciary Votes

After a morning of posturing and speechifying, members of the Senate Judiciary Committee finally voted on advancing Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court to the full body. The early afternoon vote followed maneuvering by Republican Jeff Flake and his Democrat buddy Chris Coons. Flake agreed to vote yes provided the Senate called for a week-long investigation of the harassment allegations leveled against Kavanaugh.
MEANWHILEPresident Trump deferred to the Senate on an investigation, but it was revealed over the weekend that the FBI was directed to carefully limit the scope of the investigation, and not include any other women who might come forward against Kavanaugh.

Kanye (no, YE) 2020?

Kanye West furthered his future political aspirations this weekend. After performing on the season premiere of Saturday Night Live, he launched into a tirade about the media not telling the true story about what’s happening in America with Trump as president — implying good things, not bad. But the speech was cut and throw to commercial; only the studio audience saw all of it. He was even wearing a red Make America Great Again hat. President Trump chimed in Sunday morning, reminding the Twitterverse that he doesn’t watch SNL any more but is glad Kanye is leading the charge.
MEANWHILE — Kanye tweeted that the 13th Amendment should be repealed — that’s the amendment that makes slavery illegal. He later clarified … sort of: “The 13th Amendment is slavery in disguise meaning it never ended We are the solution that heals.” 

Conway the Survivor

Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway appeared on CNN this weekend and told Jake Tapper that she, too, is a survivor of sexual assault. The comment was almost offhand, and took Tapper by surprise. When he followed up, she pivoted to talking about hearing everyone who comes forward, but prosecuting perpetrators in legal court, not the mob-like court of public opinion. “We do treat people differently who are either the victims or the perpetrators of this based on their politics, now, and based on their gender,” Conway said. “That is a huge mistake.”

Turner Talks

CNN fonder Ted Turner has announced he has Lewy Body Dementia — an illness that causes severe exhaustion and forgetfulness. He was, ironically, on CBS Sunday Morning to discuss the diagnosis. 
MEANWHILE — Turner also had some criticisms for the network he founded nearly 40 years ago — he thinks CNN is too political and too one-sided, thank you very much.

Spacey’d Out

Kevin Spacey is in trouble again. Now he’s being sued for sexual battery AND false imprisonment. A multi-claim complaint filed in Los Angeles alleges the actor forced an unnamed victim to touch him inappropriately during a hotel room encounter in October 2016. The victim is a massage therapist who had been performing professional services for spacey in a hotel room. When he tried to leave, the document alleges, Spacey stood in the doorway to prevent the exit. A previous alleged attack against actor Anthony Rapp is currently under investigation by authorities in the UK and Los Angeles.

Meg and Harry Take the Train!

Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry are keeping in touch with common folk. The royal pair were spotted leaving a train in Leicester earlier this week. Video of the royal couple holding hands and swarmed by security was posted to Twitter. This is on the heels of Meghan horrifying onlookers by closing her own car door after arriving to an event earlier this week. Royals … they’re just like us!

Nelly Rape Suit Settled

Rapper Nelly has settled the rape suit filed against him. The accuser says she was invited on his tour bus last October, when Nelly forced himself on her. She says she was tossed off the bus after screaming for help, and Nelly threw a $100 bill at her. Nelly countersued for defamation and says it was consnesual. The terms of the settlement haven’t been disclosed.

Macauly Potter?

Macauly Culkin is looking for work, and he’s taken to Twitter to as JK Rowling for his next gig. The Home Alone actor tweeted at the Harry Potter author, asking to be written in to the next Fantastic Beasts movie. No word back from JK. The second installment of the Harry Potter prequel is due out November 16. Rowling took a bit of flack when it was revealed that an Asian actress was hired on to play the character Nagini — who shows up in the Harry Potter books as a snake. Lots of questions to answer. But apparently the casting is racist on Rowling’s part, according to some Twitter whiners.

Cosby Star Vandalized

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, which oversees the Walk of Fame, said earlier this week there were no plans to remove Bill Cosby’s star — but that hasn’t stopped vigilantes from taking matters into their own hands. The words “Serial Rapist” and “#MeToo” have been scribbled onto the star.  It’s the second time it’s been defaced this week.

Won’t Tom Hanks Be My Neighbor?

Behind the scenes photos have emerged of Tom Hanks in character as Mr. Rogers. The look is spot-on. Tom’s seen sitting in the doorway to his trailer, likely on-set for the film “You Are My Friend.” The pic was released by Sony Pictures on social media. The film is slated for an as-yet-undetermined 2019 release date.

Cops at Cher’s

A whole team of law enforcement and first responders, including ambulances and a fire truck, swarmed Cher’s Malibu mansion Thursday. Turns out the cops were executing a warrant on a drug-related charge, and took the son of Cher’s assistant into custody. 23-year-old Donavan Ruiz been charged with supplying the drugs that led to the death of a user. But why all the EMTs and fire squad? Police say they were concerned the encounter could have turned violent. Word is Cher was not on the property at the time, but apparently Ruiz lives in the mansion.

Birthdays: September 28, 2018

Frankie Jonas – the fourth, forgotten brother – 18

Hilary Duff – teen pop sensation – 31

Naomi Watts – Actress, King Kong – 50

Mira Sorvino – Actress, Mighty Aphrodite – 51

Moon Unit Zappa – daughter of Frank Zappa – 51

Janeane Garofolo – left-wing comedienne – 54

Koko Taylor – old school blues singer – 83

Brigitte Bardot – French model – 84


Arnold Stang – Voice Actor, Top Cat – 1925

Ed Sullivan – legendary variety show host – 1901

Drew Kardashimore

Drew Barrymore thinks it’s great that Kim Kardashian-West was such a fan during her formative years. Kim had posted a throwback Insta pic from the ’90s when she says she was obsessed with Barrymore’s look and style. The actress took it in stride and re-posted the pic and caption to her own feed, commenting “This picture is just JOY!!!” The pair have had social media run-ins in the past, but nothing dramatic. Drew has posted on a few occasions videos and pics of receiving various fragrances from Kim’s beauty line.

History: September 28, 2018

Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo of Portugal leads an expedition to the shores of San Diego Bay — making it the first recorded European encounter with the West Coast.
He went on to explore much of present-day California’s coast. But in a freak accident on one of his landings, Cabrillo broke his leg, and fell very ill. He died four months later.
Today there’s a national monument where he’s believed to have landed.

Samuel Huntington is elected to succeed John Jay as the president of the Continental Congress
He was one of the more soft-spoken of the Revolutionaries, but vocal in opposition to British hegemony. His background in law made him a smart voice in the fight for independence.
He actively lobbied the colonies to support the war effort with supplies, troops, and money. Under his watch, the Continental Congress passed the Articles of Confederation. By some markers, some consider him the first president of the United States, but without the constitutional title.
Huntington would later become governor of Connecticut.

Nearly 20,000 Continental soldiers lay siege to Yorktown, Virginia, with the help of the French.
British General Cornwallis was there with 9,000 troops, defending his last headquarters of the Revolutionary War.
It took three weeks of constant artillery attacks to smoke out the remaining redcoats. Cornwallis issued surrender on October 17th, but was not gentlemanly enough to show up for the ceremony: he said he had a bad cold, and sent his Number Two to carry his sword to give to Washington.
The United States were officially recognized as a free nation after the signing of the Treaty of Paris, on September 3rd, 1783.

William Usherwood of England captures the first photo of a comet. He snapped a picture of Donati’s comet, whose two gas tails made a spectacular sight in the evening sky.
An American also tried to get a picture, but it didn’t turn out nearly as well.
The next recorded shot of a comet wasn’t captured until 1881.

The First General Conference on Weights and Measures meets to standardize the way we weigh and measure things.
Its first mission was to define the kilogram and the meter — which it did.
Today, a meter is defined as the distance light travels in a vaccuum in 1/299,792,458th of a second.

Ted Williams plays in his last game for the season. He gets a hit on 6 of his 8 at-bats, boosting his batting average to .406. He’s the last professional ballplayer to retire with a batting average above .400.
Exactly 19 years later, in 1960, Williams makes his last career trip to the plate, and hits a home run, for a career total of 521.

French voters approve a brand new constitution — the country’s fifth since its bloody revolution in the late 18th-century.
It came on he heels of the final collapse of the French Empire, particularly its holdings in Algiers. It replaced the parliamentary system with a president who appointed a Prime Minister.
It’s what they’re using today, though with some changes here and there.

Swift in Cats!

Taylor Swift has signed on to star in the movie adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Weber’s “Cats,” but Weber says he’s not sure which role she’ll play yet. If you’re into that sort of thing, he says the role will probably be for either Bombularina or Demeter Macavity. Swift famously owns her own cats, which she features prominently on social media. Jennifer Hudson and Ian McKellan have also signed on for roles.

The Hillary Divide

Brett Kavanaugh has some legal firepower looking out for him. Beth Wilkinson is Brett Kavanaugh’s lawyer, who also defended Clinton aides during the FBI investigation of Hill’s misuse of a private email server. (You may recall she’s the presidential candidate who the FBI actually found to have broken federal law.) She also successfully argued for Timothy McVeigh to receive the death penalty.

Garcetti Defends Cruz

LA Mayor and possible dem 2020 Presidential Candidate Eric Garcetti says he’s no fan of Ted Cruz, but the heckling the Senator received the other day was uncalled for. Garcetti says people need to be decent, and they need to lay off public figures when they’re out and about with their family. But he also got a few digs in on Trump, saying the Commander in Chief’s language was “laughable” at the United Nations on Tuesday.

Cosby At Home

Bill Cosby has finally settled into the prison he’ll call home for at least the next three years. He’s inmate #NN7687 at a high-security facility in Schwenksville, PA. He’s among 3,800-plus other very dangerous criminals, due to his court-ordered designation as a sexually violent predator. In the short-term he’ll have a single-man cell near the infirmary, but the eventual goal is to get him into the general population.

Kourtney the Kougar

Kourtney Kardashian was spotted with a Younes Bendjima lookalike Tuesday afternoon in West Hollywood. No positive identity yet on the male companion, or whether he’s even romantically involved with her. The two were spotted leaving a Starbucks with three drinks between the two of them. So they could both just be, ahem, thirsty.

D’Andra for Beto?

Real Housewives of Dallas star D’Andra Simmons says her support for home-state Senator Ted Cruz is fizzling. She tells TMZ she’s tired of Cruz towing the Republican Party line, and says there’s buzz in her very-conservative suburban enclave that Democrat Beto O’Rourke just might beat the two-time presidential candidate.