“Special Representative”

Actor STEVEN SEAGAL has been named a “special representative” by the Russian Foreign Ministry to promote humanitarian ties between Russia and the United States — whatever that means. Seagal says he’s “deeply humbled” by the job and said in a statement “we can strive for peace, harmony and positive result in the world.” He became a Russian citizen in 2016 and is a close personal friend of VLADIMIR PUTIN.

Booker’s Tears of Rage

Sen Cory Booker D-NJ, said in tweet following an appearance in New Orleans that he has cried “tears of rage” over DONALD TRUMP and that there are many things that are “savagely wrong” with this country.
His Senate colleague from Texas thought it was ridiculous — Senator JOHN CORNYN tweeted his response that Booker should “get a grip” which is Texan for “stop being such a woman.’

Close in OHIO

Ohio Governor JOHN KASICH says Ohio’s hotly contested special election doesn’t bode well for the GOP.
The 12th Congressional District seat which has been held by Republicans since 1908 was won by PRESIDENT TRUMP by 11 points in 2016.
Currently Republican TROY BALDERSON is facing Democrat DANNY O’CONNOR in a dead heat with 11% undecided.

Subpoena Mess

If Democrats gain majorities in the House and Senate they plan to flood not only PRESIDENT TRUMP but his cabinet members and business associates with subpoenas for personal and financial records that could bog down the administration headed into the 2020 elections.
Democrats have already amassed dozens of oversight requests that have been ignored while Republicans hold the majorities but should that change in November Democrats would gain a number of tools to stall the Trump Agenda over the next two years.
The never-ending stream of outrage at the Trump administration presents a real danger to Trump not only politically but personally as Dems will seek any measure to diminish any lasting legacy.

Hamza bin Laden Wedding

HAMZA BIN LADEN — son of OSAMA — has married the daughter of MOHAMMAD ATTA, one of the 9/11 attack architects. No one is sure where they are, but suspect somewhere in Pakistan. Rumor is the dowry included goats, a SCUD missile launcher, and an inspirational copy of “Dreams from my Father.”

Trump Tower Meeting Confessional

PRESIDENT TRUMP has acknowledged that a meeting between DONALD TRUMP JR and a Russian attorney with ties to the Kremlin at Trump Tower before the 2016 was to get damaging intel on HILLARY CLINTON — but that it’s perfectly legal. He maintains he had no idea that the meeting ever happened and rejected the premise that his son could be in legal jeopardy for taking the meeting.

“Zombie Boy” Dead

ZOMBIE BOY aka RICK GENEST fell to his death on Friday. He’s the alternative model with heavy facial tatoos who starred in LADY GAGA’s “Born This Way” music video. Family insists it’s not a suicide — there was no note left and he frequently smoked on his balcony and leaned dangerously far over the railing, they say. His manager also says he was very excited about a spate of upcoming projects.

Johanna Krupa Hitched

JOHANNA KRUPA (Real Housewives of Miami) is once again a married woman. Krupa wed businessman DOUGLAS NUNES in Krakow, Poland on Saturday in front of a small gathering of family members. The 39-year-old was previously married to nightclub owner ROMAIN ZAGO for 4 years, before they split in 2017.