Dodgers Offered Puig for Harper

In their
pursuit of Washington Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper the Dodgers made one
trade offer that was never consummated.

While it’s
unclear when the Dodgers made their offer, they did offer outfielder Yasiel
Puig for the 26-year-old Nationals slugger. The Dodgers were among many teams interested
in Harper prior to the July 31st trade deadline.

No trade for
Harper was completed and the Nationals chose to ride out the season with Harper
despite not making the playoffs.

The Nationals
had put Harper on waivers in August and the Dodgers were the first to claim him
but no deals were ever reached and the Nats pulled Harper from waivers and kept
him in order to receive a first round compensatory pick when they ultimately lose
him in free agency.

While Harper
would have provided a boost to the Dodgers offense, Puig had a solid 2018
season and provided a crucial 3 run homer in the sixth inning of game 7 against
Milwaukee in the NLCS that elevated the Dodgers to their second consecutive World