Aaron Hernandez High on Synthetic Weed Prior to Suicide

Reports have
surfaced that former New England Patriots’ tight end Aaron Hernandez was
abusing a synthetic form of marijuana called K2 in prison prior to his suicide
in April of 2017.

suicide took his family and prison officials by surprise as he had just been acquitted
of a involvement in a double murder and was optimistic that his conviction of
the 2013 killing of Odin Lloyd would be overturned.

K2 is much
more toxic that marijuana and can cause hallucinations and other effects. It is
a preferred drug by prison inmates as it is far less detectable in drug test than
marijuana and has been easy to smuggle into prison.

The report
is surprising as he was tested at autopsy for “all forms of synthetic caniboids”
and came back negative. However, K2 remains very difficult for even top labs to
detect due to the everchanging characteristics of the substance.

The Hernandez
case has drawn so much attention as he was the first active NFL player to be charged
with three homicides in addition to being a star player on one of the league’s
top teams.

His autopsy
showed Hernandez to be suffering from advanced CTE for someone his age which
can affect mood, judgment and impulse control.

continue into any role negligence by the Massachusetts Department of
Corrections may have played in the death of Hernandez.