Marquette Student Responds to Campus Free Speech Phoniness

Over at the MacIver Institute, a Marquette University student responds to the hypocrisy of his campus’s two-faced approach to free speech. After quoting a flowery email from administration that trumpets campus diversity, student Collin Cummings calls out the administration.

Don’t forget the key wrinkle: a member of the university staff was caught on Facebook trying to rig the ticket sales to an upcoming Ben Shapiro speech so that students genuinely interested in going wouldn’t be able to find a seat.

The question I pose to Marquette (and already have posed many times on various platforms, to which I have received no response) is this: where did you forget to put the “as long as you subscribe to a specific liberal ideology” disclaimer in that statement about the importance of diversity? How can the university stand behind that statement while continuing to employ someone who is actively working to marginalize conservative students on campus because she has decided that her way of thinking is right, and anyone who disagrees must be wrong?

Marquette must be forced to answer for their staff. Their response has been non-existent, and unless university administration would like to see the school continue to be highlighted as one of the most hostile to free speech institutions in America, swift action needs to be taken. It is time for Marquette University to stand behind its pledge to be a home to all backgrounds and all voices.

Whole thing here.

About the writer: Chris Rochester is editor in chief of Morning Martini. He’s an armchair politico, veteran of several campaigns, and communications specialist. He's the communications director for the MacIver Institute. Commentary here is strictly his own.