Shilling lambastes unpaid internships, but uses them in her office

Senate Minority Leader Jennifer Shilling got caught off-guard in the last day of the Senate’s session last week. While she and her Democrat friends criticized Gov. Walker’s bill to fund internship coordinators, Senator Rick Gudex shut down their argument with a single question.

Turns out, even though Shilling had just gone through a litany of reasons unpaid internships are terrible, she actually employs unpaid interns in her office because it’s valuable experience – and interns knowingly agree to commit to an unpaid internship, she said clumsily.


From The MacIver Institute:

In the waning hours of the Senate’s last day in session, Senate Democrats took turns lambasting Governor Walker’s higher education package.

In particular, Senate Minority Leader Jennifer Shilling criticized the use of unpaid internships under Walker’s proposal. But when Senator Rick Gudex asked if her office uses interns and if they’re paid, Shilling’s response undercut hours of her party’s arguments against Walker’s proposals.