Dirty Rotten Scoundrel

Over at Right Wisconsin yesterday, I expanded on my live-blogging comments about Bobby Jindal’s performance at the Defending the American Dream Summit in Columbus this weekend.

Jindal makes some chicanerous attacks on Gov. Scott Walker’s healthcare proposal, distracting from what started as a hopeful message about Jindal’s family, who came from India with nothing and found success.

Instead, Jindal launched into an unfair attack on Walker’s sensible, specific, free-market health care reform proposal. I always hate to see specific proposals demagogued, especially by our own side, and especially at a time when serious problems beg for real solutions.

Worse, Jindal – no slouch on health policy – knows better, which means he’s just a dishonest, backbiting demagogue.

Good for Walker for presenting an actual plan, which takes courage. I hope he doesn’t back down.

Whole thing here.

About the writer: Chris Rochester is editor in chief of Morning Martini. He’s an armchair politico, veteran of several campaigns, and communications specialist. He's the communications director for the MacIver Institute. Commentary here is strictly his own.