J. Bush: “All of this can be reversed”

Jeb Bush knows his audience.

His amended stump speech to the crowd gathered in Columbus, Ohio talked about fixing what’s broken and the leadership needed to do it, starting with his. He could’ve scored more points lauding the activists here who are responsible for boots-on-the-ground activism, as I noted earlier.

Bush capitalizes on the assumed mad-as-hell stereotype from AFP attendees, pointing to a buffet of government reform policies:

  • Balanced Budget amendment
  • Term limits for all elected officials.
  • Ban on lobbying for elected officials. (This one won’t ever pass Congress, but it’ll play well here. It would take another 2010 wave of tea party-esque elected officials to make this happen.)

Then, of course, he picked on Obama:

  • Repeal of Obamacare, replaced with a market-driven system.
  • End bureaucratic rules that cost more than $100 million.
  • Reform Executive Orders

Playing in to his opening theme that everything that’s made conservatives so glum over the last six years can be reversed, he celebrates the men and women in the room who volunteer and get involved to realize real reform. That’ll leave them with the warm and fuzzies.

Giving credit to the volunteers and campaign grunts should be a priority for every candidate. A ding on Gov. Walker, for some, is a sense of abandonment, or that they don’t feel appreciated for having helped to elect him three times in four years. Walker could take a page from Bush’s book here, and spend some time and message on celebrating the people who have helped him find success. It just might help improve his recent losses in presidential favorability polls in Wisconsin.

About the writer: Nik Nelson is publisher of MorningMartini.com and Founder/CEO of OpenBox Strategies, where he connects political candidates and small businesses with excellent digital marketing tools and strategies.