Where Credit’s Due

In his kickoff of the Defending the Dream Summit, AFP boss Tim Phillips lauds the grassroots apparatus at work in Wisconsin. For example:

While at Martini we emphasize the importance of the party machine in politics, and do believe that real change happens from within party structures. Involved activists should get credit for the sweeping reforms in Wisconsin over the last five years — but they would never have launched if not for Gov. Walker’s fearless slaying of the status quo.

It would be prudent, and effective, for the establishment to embrace the power of an active base even when it works in the Party’s interest but not necessarily under the Party’s jurisdiction. Leissez-faire, and all that jazz. And while participants in the most robust grassroots movements harbor a seemingly intractable loathing for party structures, they should happily acknowledge the role of formal political power structures.

In other words, can’t we all just get along?

About the writer: Nik Nelson is publisher of MorningMartini.com and Founder/CEO of OpenBox Strategies, where he connects political candidates and small businesses with excellent digital marketing tools and strategies.