Dems on John Doe: Bend over and take it

Democrats willfully embrace government overreach, the police state, and obedient subservience to fiat if and only if Republicans or conservatism are on the receiving end. Most recently, the left-wing blabberazzi has exploited any opportunity to diminish the terror and overreach caused by John Doe investigations, pointing to flimsy evidence and laying back on tired, partisan hackery.

But this we’ve come to expect from Dave Zweifel, editor emeritus at The Cap Times, whose progressivism and left-wing kookery embodies the knee-jerk disdain for Scott Walker.

After the Supreme Court decision to halt the investigations, he breathlessly defended the tactics.

That the officers conducting the raids had battering rams and guns drawn is routine procedure, a Madison police officer told me. The critical point in a raid is that when you knock on the door, you don’t want to give the subjects time to destroy possible evidence. Time is of the essence, he said.

Today he’s riding the train that the claims of Cindy Archer, Eric O’Keefe, and other victims of the raids are horse hockey. He points to the audio tapes that depict an “anything but a “smash-and-grab event” to discredit the alleged violence. But this is journalistic malfeasance — the circumstances of that tape should be just as questionable, but that wouldn’t server kooky uncle Dave’s political agenda.

Zweifel and his ilk are so wrapped up in associating the governor’s name with alleged scandal, they’ve forgotten entirely the absurd lengths a rogue Milwaukee County DA went to take down a political opponent. That these tactics are even relevant in search of evidence against benign transgressions speaks to the shifted political climate and gross partisanship the left demonstrates when they’re in the minority and they’re losing.

This is what we know: Scott Kevin Walker, Governor of Wisconsin and former assemblyman and county executive, has survived a brutal political offensive by his partisan detractors. Those detractors will tell you he’s well-insulated and protected. Or, just maybe, there’s nothing wrong to find. The man is still clean after years of investigation and campaigning.

The tactics at hand in John Doe — the battering rams, the shouting, the fear — are not the only concern. That they happened at all speak to a larger issue of the culture of opposition the left has created since occupying its lowly seat in the minority in Wisconsin. Comply or be destroyed.

The blood drawn by John Doe has been for bureaucratic missteps by those around the governor, but not Gov. Walker himself. This won’t change. Try as the left might, Scott Walker won’t be destroyed.

About the writer: Nik Nelson is publisher of and Founder/CEO of OpenBox Strategies, where he connects political candidates and small businesses with excellent digital marketing tools and strategies.