And now, the fruits of the president’s post-partisan America

What better opportunity to showcase the results of President Obama’s six years of leadership than another go-around for the White House?

The promise: A new kind of politics and an end to partisanship. Maybe everywhere except Wisconsin, where tyrant-in-chief Scott Walker broke democracy by keeping his seat in a recall election by winning the popular vote. That’s what liberal debate observers, commentators, and pants-wetters would have you believe, as they tee up their criticisms, mockeries, and general denunciations of the man’s debate performance Thursday night.

Over at our content prep hub (available for free and without a subscription!), a reporter checked in on the despondent lefties, assembled by the Dane County Democrat Party, who gathered in solidarity to boo-hiss the GOP lineup. The comments were universally negative, for one reason or another. It’s obvious the watchers went in with bad tastes in their mouths, looking for everything to dislike. That is what partisanship looks like.

My favorite comment was this one:

“The moderation is terrible,” said Steve Arnold. “They’re just trying to throw questions to roil the waters.”

Only in the mind of a Madison Democrat is it weird that a supposedly friendly TV host would ask hard questions; my guess is Mr. Arnold is primed to see Democrat interviewers lob their ideologically-aligned Democrat friends softballs all the time, and can’t quite understand why the ostensible right-wing Fox News would dare to take their ideological counterparts to task.

Gov. Walker has been hit for not talking enough and expending the time he did have on meaningless campaign platitudes. Whatever. His detractors will find something to bawl about regardless. The extent of civil discourse in Wisconsin has not been destroyed because state GOP leadership refuses to entertain opposition. It’s because Democrats aren’t getting their way and they’re not able to bully their way to legislative victories.

About the writer: Nik Nelson is publisher of and Founder/CEO of OpenBox Strategies, where he connects political candidates and small businesses with excellent digital marketing tools and strategies.