Ross and Tate are What’s Wrong With Politics

Outgoing DPW Chairman Mike Tate and One Wisconsin Now henchman Scot Ross teamed up to complain about Governor Walker’s recent trip to London in formal declarations of their perpetual state of outrage.

In observance of Valentine’s Day, the bombastic duo filed matching complaints that the Governor’s trade mission to the UK benefitted his possible presidential campaign. Well, duh. But the man’s not going to stay in the house out of fear of being sued by two hacks. The Cap Times quotes them:

“Ultimately, though, it’s a free country and Scott Walker is certainly welcome to run for president if he wants to, but Wisconsin taxpayers shouldn’t have to foot the bill for his campaign — his political ambitions have cost us enough already,” Tate said. “It’s clear that Scott Walker believes the rules are for other people.”

“Wisconsin taxpayers are footing the bill to send Gov. Walker. That means there’s no legitimate reason for his campaign to be issuing statements trying to clarify the clumsy comments he made, ostensibly acting in his official capacity,” Ross said. “Gov. Walker has in essence admitted he’s traveled overseas on our dime for his personal political benefit.”

One might be able to understand Ross, the hatchet man of The Left, making such a complaint by way of it being his job. But one might also think Tate would want to hold onto whatever dignity and integrity his party has left. One need look no further than statements like this to see why the pair has no credibility outside liberal circles of litigiousness in which Democrats join hands and sing songs about the evil deeds of the Republicans.

They’re either unable to fathom that a politician’s activities might be on the up-and-up and genuinely in the interest of bolstering Wisconsin’s business overseas, or they’re just looking to score cheap points at the expense of honesty.

Even the uber-lefty Cap Times couldn’t find an argumentum ad Verecundia:

“…it’s a hard argument to make that the governor of Wisconsin shouldn’t go on a trade mission because it might benefit him in a presidential campaign,” said a UW-Madison comms prof.

Perhaps in the spirit of joining The Left in circling ’round the toilet of political discourse, the GOP should file a complaint alleging illegal coordination between the state Demo Party and One Wisconsin Now. As if Ross and Tate (Rossentate sounds like a verb for what both do privately) don’t coordinate smears over lunch on a regular basis.

Sure, that’s politics as usual, some might say. But the frivolity of the complaints by The Left – from suing over a YouTube ad with a disclaimer a few “lines” of pixels too small, to constant whining over the finer points of campaign funding – clog up the business of good government and scare good, ethical people of humble means away from running for higher office out of fear they’ll be sued regularly for no good reason.

And the quantity and pettiness of complaints from The Left in Wisconsin far exceed those from the GOP. Unbeknowst to the in-your-face crowd on The Left, the lawsuit tactic only really stokes your base – it doesn’t necessarily create converts.

That’s why, in this state, the GOP wins all the time.

About the writer: Chris Rochester has worked in communications and finance for a state Senate and congressional campaign, consulted on numerous Assembly and local races, and has held leadership roles in his local Republican Party. He's communications director for the MacIver Institute. Commentary here is strictly his own.