Dailies: 1/17/15

If you’re not sure what to think about Obamacare, spend the morning in your local Emergency Room and decide whether you’d rather have a health care bureaucracy or government bureaucracy handle your stay and you’ll have your answer.

  • Three names have been floated to replace Mike Tate during the Dems’ convention in June.
    • The first is Joe Wineke, who held the position from ’05-’09, while Tate was still fingerprinting in remedial art class. Wineke is also a frequent commenter here at Morning Martini, if one comment qualifies as frequent.
    • The second is Jason Rae, another young school-approved non-violent handheld device  gun like Tate from the northwoods who’s made a pebble-sized splash nationally.
    • The last is Mary Lang Sollinger, a bestie of Wineke’s who was an early supporter of the president and fundraiser for the DPW.

Seriously, what’s Mary Burke up to?

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