UPDATED: Election Day Grapevine

Three predictions and a little innuendo from around the state on this, election day. The Democrats in these races (and all most of the rest) roundly deserve to lose:

49th Assembly

Through the grapevine I’ve learned that the opponent of incumbent Republican Travis Tranel, prison cook Chad Henneman, has been going around claiming that Tranel had his farm “handed to him on a silver platter” and is somehow privileged. Chad needs to leave his attitude at the prison; Travis inherited his family farm when his father died.

Tranel will trounce Henneman.

75th Assembly

Up in the northwoods, Romaine Robert Quinn is the Republican challenging Dem Stephen Smith, who is roundly disliked throughout the district but won – by only 500 or so votes – only after when Roger Rivard told a newspaper editorial board that “some women rape easy.” Quinn should win, but there’s still some trash out there.

JS blogger Dan Bice wrote a story (which I won’t link to because it’s the aforementioned trash) about Quinn’s father, who is doing time for a scam he perpetrated. Quinn is always sure to use his middle name to set himself apart, doesn’t talk to his disgraced father, and is quite repentant for that family history in which he took no part because he was a child. Quinn should win rather handily over Smith.

81st Assembly

There are questions that David Considine, Democrat running for the 81st Assembly seat, has yet to answer – because he has yet to be asked. Considine, a former Baraboo School District special education teacher, has a record in the courts that no one has asked for clarification about.

IN 1995 Considine petitioned for a restraining order due to harassment. In 2005, a child abuse restraining order was filed against Considine. The circumstances of both are cloudy.

The word is also that Considine is taking a pension from the school district while running for office, essentially being paid a salary from a public entity to run for assembly. That’s not acceptable, nor is the media’s silence.

Considine is running against Republican Ashton Kirsch. While it’s a slightly blue district, Kirsch is the favorite to win – and should, because Considine is a creep.

UPDATED: 2:08 pm

Stopped by the Waukesha GOP Victory Center, where Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner and Lt. Gov. Kleefisch were checking in and Julian Bradley stopped by for a visit. The atmosphere was calm, but energized; most importantly, not panicked. The talk was about the great work of the grassroots over the last year, not a frenzied call to arms, to get out and find every last person they can to get out and vote. The words of the afternoon are cautious optimism.

About the writer: Chris Rochester has worked in communications and finance for a state Senate and congressional campaign, consulted on numerous Assembly and local races, and has held leadership roles in his local Republican Party. He's communications director for the MacIver Institute. Commentary here is strictly his own.