BREAKING: Mary Burke is a Democrat

In September, when Mary Burke refused to appear on stage with the president during Laborfest, I explained why:

But it also highlighted how politically-motivated everything is about Mary Burke’s campaign, which makes her businesslady/fixer/apolitical approach an even farcier farce. Not associating with the president in public has everything to do with politics. It takes little imagination to envision the color image that fades to black-and-white in a pro-Walker campaign ad, Burke on stage with President Obama, with ominous drums in the background and a Liberal Extremist stamp in big red letters that lands with a thud. That would be a slam dunk for her opponent, and Ms. Burke knows it.

With under three weeks to go, word on the street is the president will make it out for a campaign stop just before November 4, and I’m all-in on the prediction that there will be an ad that connects Ms. Burke with President Obama’s yahoo policies airing in the final days of the campaign, dramatic monochromatic effects and all. But it won’t have weeks and weeks to sink in, like it would had she appeared with Mr. Obama back in September. Such a decision was an important political calculation, just like every other step of her campaign, during which she has been carefully managed and handled, made to read the scripts and ideas written for her by others.

Today she told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that she was raised a Catholic and has those values, but isn’t a kooky “ideologue” whose faith actually guides her life decisions. She later implies the Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade has greater bearing on her decision-making about abortions than would her faith. But like all Democrats, her religion is her political affiliation, a point we’ve been carefully making for months about Mary Burke.

She and her campaign have told the story that she would be an apolitical unifier as governor whose only interest is what’s best for Wisconsin. But her agenda will be what’s best for the DPW. No answer in a debate, or interview, or profile, or incessant campaign e-mail would suggest otherwise. That’s why she ran an ad saying she’s all for Reagan-esque tax cuts (though that’s where her admiration of the man ends) then later countered with an ad lambasting the average $11-a-month savings the governor’s tax cuts have provided. She just says things without really meaning anything — and that, folks, is the essence of liberalism in America.

Ms. Burke is a product of liberal pandering, whose tenure as leader of the state would be marked by partisan edicts designed to undo the progress made by Scott Walker and a Republican legislature over the last four years. Wisconsin doesn’t need someone who exists above the political fray. We need a strong Republican leader who recognizes liberal policies for the destructive forces they are and squashes them.

About the writer: Nik Nelson is publisher of and Founder/CEO of OpenBox Strategies, where he connects political candidates and small businesses with excellent digital marketing tools and strategies.