Le Farce d’Happ

Susan Happ’s campaign has descended into a farcical medley of scandalously bad decisions and liberal pet causes that no one else cares that much about.

I wrote about Happ’s flippant approach to serious problems like perverts who prey on children and the rising tides of hard drugs and related crime. Her preference to use the office to prosecute The Left’s “War on Women” narrative and other pandering causes combined with her record of going easy on criminals disqualifies her from the office of Attorney General.

As if to validate my claims about the abject unseriousness of her approach to justice, Happ rolled out a plan this week to crack down on “for-profit” colleges that she claims “prey on” helpless people like veterans.

Veterans – those are the people who fought terrorists with automatic machine guns, roadside bombs, and mortars, endured carnage in Afghanistan and Iraq, and witnessed their comrades maimed and killed only to come back home and be victimized by…Globe University.

Happ condescendingly claims that these colleges use “high-pressure sales tactics” and “misrepresent the true costs and value of what is being offered.” That sounds a lot like the liberal arts department of any public university swindling students into degrees in Romantic Literature or Gender Studies.

This pander is a sap to the Ivory Tower vote that Happ needs. It’s too late in the game to waste time securing what’s supposed to be a reliable leftist base.

It’s also tin-eared considering Brad Schimel’s rollout of his plans to combat rising heroin use and crack down on child predators, the kind of hard-nosed crime fighting that people expect from someone whose nickname is “top cop.”

The AP put out a story recently framed with the narrative that Happ’s campaign is languishing under a “GOP barrage.”

That’s false. Susan Happ is sinking her own campaign by ignoring the fact that the job she’s applying for is primarily to lock up criminals, not chase around the president of Phoenix U.

Murder victims are victims. A child who is molested by a pervert is a victim. A 50-something who sells drugs to high schoolers is a bad guy. The GOP is doing a service for Wisconsin by making sure people know that Susan Happ would turn the AG’s office into a turntable of flaccid Democratic causes and wild-eyed liberal lobbies like Emily’s List.

Susan Happ prefers to fabricate bad guys and victim groups and ignore the real ones. In a state with a growing crime problem, ain’t nobody got time for that.

About the writer: Chris Rochester is editor in chief of Morning Martini. He’s an armchair politico, veteran of several campaigns, and communications specialist. He's the communications director for the MacIver Institute. Commentary here is strictly his own.