Why Did Mary Burke Sign a Recall Petition?


Q: Why did Mary Burke sign a petition to recall Governor Walker?
Ans: She is a liberal partisan who’s designed a campaign around making you believe she isn’t.

Mary Burke would like you to believe she isn’t interested in politics, just solutions to Wisconsin’s problems. As an example, consider her arrogant assertion that she’d have maintained collective bargaining rights but also would have required increased contributions from state employees under Act 10, as if even touching that benefit package would not have sent union thugs into a blubbering, seething, protest-singing, pants-wetting, collective rage, which they did in fact do to Scott Walker to no avail.

“Of course,” she’s said, public employees should contribute to their benefit packages. That’s good policy. So a signature to recall the governor is nothing more than the required work of a well-oiled Democrat Party Machine cog.

The underlying theme of her campaign has been to transcend political minutiae because, Burke for Wisconsin argues, that’s the problem with Scott Walker and his politics. The governor has even acknowledged that his recall victory could very well be attributed to voters disapproving of the recall itself even if they’re no fans of his politics and policy. Her message is to put principle above politics.

But to accuse the governor of playing politics at the expense of the state’s interests is absurd; Gov. Walker has beautifully executed a conservative political coup in a schizophrenically left-leaning state, creating an archetype for other leaders around the country, despite the political cost. Though he won the recall, there was still a recall election. Trudging through that bonus election in 2012, he greatly endangered his second term, exhausted the conservative grassroots, and taxed his campaign and personal coffers because he was doing what he knows to be right.

Then on Monday, the completely non-political Mary Burke caught flack for not appearing with the president in public during Laborfest. Brett Hulsey (who doesn’t hide what he thinks, convincing people he’s a lunatic, thus proving my theory that Democrats can’t tell the truth about what they really believe and gain widespread support) captured her running away from the fest grounds:

But it also highlighted how politically-motivated everything is about Mary Burke’s campaign, which makes her businesslady/fixer/apolitical approach an even farcier farce. Not associating with the president in public has everything to do with politics. It takes little imagination to envision the color image that fades to black-and-white in a pro-Walker campaign ad, Burke on stage with President Obama, with ominous drums in the background and a Liberal Extremist stamp in big red letters that lands with a thud. That would be a slam dunk for her opponent, and Ms. Burke knows it.

Further, the president remains political poison. Agreeing with him could scare away some thinking moderates. Anything negative about the president would further distance her from the Hulsey-led Kook Faction. It’s politically smart to keep President Obama away with a thirty foot pole. And that’s the problem for her.

When she says she’ll fix Wisconsin, she means she’ll toe the Democrat line. A Burke administration would be little more than a far-left junta managed by DPW Chairman Mike Tate. Someone only interested in solutions would never have have signed a petition to recall the governor, especially in the context of agreeing with the legislation’s outcome

Ms. Burke signed the recall petition because that’s what good little Democrats were supposed to do. That was the party line and aside from implicating her as a partisan hack it draws into question her capacity to lead. Signing her name was an act of complete and blatant non-solution-oriented union suckuppery, standard issue Democrat Party hackery to appease by unionistas.

Wisconsin Democrats have to lie about their liberal agendas to get elected. Herb Kohl was “Nobody’s Senator but your own” and Tammy Baldwin was a dewey-eyed little world-changer. Neither has a reputation for being anything but a pandering liberal nut and toe-the-line Democrat.

Mary Burke would never get elected if she told the whole truth. She’s a partisan Democrat who will live and die by the will of the unions, the same group responsible for nearly ruining the state’s finances.

She’s an apostle of big government, big regulation, big labor, big spending, big control, big taxing, big debt, and non-solutions to big problems.

Most of all big talk.

About the writer: Nik Nelson is publisher of MorningMartini.com and Founder/CEO of OpenBox Strategies, where he connects political candidates and small businesses with excellent digital marketing tools and strategies.